WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Mark Henry Returns, Cena-Orton Rivalry Closes, More

The Shield comes back across the barrier as The Wyatts look on from ringside. The two teams stare each other down and approach the ring. Reigns enters the ring but The Wyatts back off the apron and the crowd boos.

- Still to come, Orton vs. Cena. Back to commercial.

- We get a Black History Month video for Bobo Brazil.

The Bella Twins and Cameron vs. AJ Lee, Aksana and Alicia Fox

We go to the ring and it's Divas time. Eva Marie and Tamina Snuka are at ringside. Typical Divas match. Brie tries to jump off Nikki's back to clothesline Aksana in the corner and barely makes it. Aksana with a spinebuster on Brie for a 2 count.

Alicia tags in and they double team Brie. Alicia with a 2 count. Brie counters a tilt-a-whirl move and rolls Alicia up for a 2 count. Alicia keeps Brie on the mat now. Cameron comes in and unloads, knocking AJ off the apron. Cameron goes at it with Alicia now. Cameron keeps control and hits a dropkick for a 2 count. Alicia turns it around with a knee to the head. Aksana comes in but gets booted to the mat. Cameron with a DDT for the win.

Winners: Cameron and The Bella Twins

- We see footage of The Bella Twins, Mark Henry and Stephanie McMahon at James Madison Middle School in Hollywood for an anti-bullying rally earlier today.

- More hype for Cena vs. Orton. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a new vignette from Lana and Alexander Rusev.

- We get a look back at tonight's opening segment.

- The pyro goes off and out comes Corporate Kane. Stephanie earlier said he was on administrative leave for one week but here he is. Kane says he has been placed on leave starting tonight. He apologizes to The Authority for his ill-advised actions last week. Daniel Bryan's music hits and out he comes to interrupt Kane. Fans chant "yes!" as Bryan charges the ring. Kane swings and Bryan ducks. They go at it and Bryan unloads. Kane shoves him off and nails a big right hand. Kane takes off the suit jacket and the tie. Kane grabs Bryan for a chokeslam but he slides out. Bryan dumps Kane over the top rope. Bryan leaps out and nails a suicide dive. Bryan beats Kane up on the floor. Kane shoves him off but Bryan comes back with a big dropkick, sending Kane into the crowd. Bryan hits the ring and poses in the corner as fans start a big "yes!" chant once again. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Betty White is backstage to introduce the main event.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out first comes John Cena to a big pop. Randy Orton is out for this non-title match.

Orton starts off with a headlock. They run the ropes and Cena hits a hip toss for a 2 count. Orton goes to the floor for a breather. Cena with a headlock now. They trade holds and Orton goes back to the floor. Orton walks half-way up the ramp before heading back to the ring. Orton comes back in and beats Cena down. Cena fights back and hits a bulldog for a 2 count. Cena runs the ropes but Orton drops him with an elbow. Orton shows off and the fans boo. Orton stomps on Cena. Cena with a suplex. Cena charges in the corner but Orton moves and Cena goes down. A CM Punk starts up but doesn't get far. Orton beats Cena to the floor and slams his face into the announcers table, which they finally got fixed. Orton backdrops Cena onto the barrier.

Orton brings Cena back in for a 2 count. Orton with right hands and a knee drop. Orton poses again as we go back to commercial.

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