- Check out the video above to see a preview of EA Sports' upcoming UFC videogame gameplay.

- Senator John McCain was once one of mixed martial arts' most outspoken detractors. During the sport's darker days, McCain infamously labeled the sport "human cockfighting" and fought to have it banned from cable - a battle he temporarily won. McCain has softened his stance of late, even going so far to say that he would have tried his hand at the sport if it were around when he was a young man.

At a recent press event held to raise awareness of new brain trauma research, McCain told AXS TV's Ron Kruck that he would have "absolutely" given MMA a shot if it were an option back then. Despite his opposition to MMA's brutality in the past, McCain is an admitted boxing fan and was actually a boxer himself when he attended the Naval Academy.

- Thiago Silva was cut from the UFC's light heavyweight division recently after being arrested on attempted murder charges in a domestic altercation involving his estranged wife. Though Silva had his charges reduced to aggravated battery, he remains jailed without bond. In a recent statement issued to Globo (translated by Bloody Elbow), Silva's attorney revealed that he's currently waiting on the State Attorney to review the case and determine what the final charges will be and that he's hopeful his client - whom he described as being "very drunk" during the incident - will be found innocent.

Silva's attorney also addressed briefly the possibility that the fighter could return to the UFC assuming his innocence is proven.

"I can not comment on that part (his UFC release), but I can say that he knows he will not fight in March, on behalf of a criminal case," he said. "However, I imagine that if we prove his innocence, the UFC will probably reconsider that position"

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