Ronnie Garvin Talks Vince McMahon, Not Fitting In With WWF, Has Beens, Dusty Rhodes, More

Former NWA World Champion "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin recently sat down with Steve and the Scum on WGD Weekly for a great hour plus long interview. Garvin spoke about his entire run in the wrestling business from his initial start in the business and his rise to the top of the NWA, right up through his final run in the WWF. You can check out the entire interview above, here are some highlights:

Politics playing into his NWA Title run, and Dusty Rhodes "putting Crockett out of business":

"It was strictly politics. Dusty Rhodes was the booker and he was against it. You know, what are you going to do. He didn't book me anywhere during the whole time I had the belt until the rematch because Dusty Rhodes was a very, very jealous guy when it came to guys getting over. He was the wrong guy to be a booker. He is the one who put Jim Crockett out of business. He is the reason Jim Crockett had to sell and was losing his butt. It was the same thing with the Rock and Roll Express. He couldn't stand the Rock and Roll Express getting over like rock stars. I mean, girls would go crazy. They had to have some protection for the Rock and Roll Express, the girls would attack them, just like rock stars, it was unbelievable.

"So, Dusty Rhodes had to book himself with them as a six man tag team. But, the whole thing was politics, I didn't care. I made money and then when the return, the belt went to Flair, and I was gone a short time after that. I didn't put up with that kind of stuff. When I was the world champion, it was big time politics. I just don't play politics, I don't play politics. I refuse to do it. People tell you it was a great moment. Yeah, it was ok, but I had a whole lot of better matches and better memories than being the World Champion. The World's Champion was probably the biggest paycheck, but so what. Like I said, its politics and it's not driven by talent, it is driven by politics.

"There was a lot of guys that would've made good World Champions, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ted DiBiase. but a lot of guys they don't want to be on the road and they don't want to travel and they weren't in bars every night drinking either. There was a lot of guys that like to be home bodies. They don't want to be in California one night, and New York another night, and then go to Japan, or be in Puerto Rico another night. It's a hard life, and then they found a guy in Ric Flair that didn't want to be home, he wanted to be all over the planet. they was basically what the world champion was, he was all over the place. So, if you didn't want to see your house just become the world's champion so you didn't know where you lived."

His decision to retire at 45, and his thoughts on performers who stay around too long becoming "has beens":

"It was time for me to do an exit. You got to know when to quit. You stay in the business until you are sixty years old, you look like an imbecile. First of all you know you are broke and you become a has-been. That is what I hate to see. Guys are in the ring and they are sixty years old, I mean come on, I know it's not real, but your body, you look like an old douche bag, your skin is sagging. The older you get, the more you look like a pear, you might want to go as a human pear. You might make some money, it might be a good angle, I don't know. But, I was forty-five years old and I said goodbye, time to go."

Being booked in an angle by Dusty Rhodes that led to him leaving Jim Crockett Promotions:

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