Ronnie Garvin Talks Vince McMahon, Not Fitting In With WWF, Has Beens, Dusty Rhodes, More

"Well, I was a heel all my career until the end. Until the last ten years I was a heel my whole life. I was a heel in a lot of places. so, I didn't care, I was me. I could've been a good guy, and if I wrestled Hulk Hogan, I would've been a bad guy, because a guy was liked a whole lot more. and the thing about Dusty Rhodes, he wanted to wrestle me. He thought he could beat me, because he was jealous that I had wrestled all of the Four Horseman, and I had beaten Ric Flair, and he couldn't stand it. He couldn't sleep at night. I know that, so he figured if he turned me heel, then he'd wrestle me and he would get himself over. He even gave me a partner and a manager, so he could beat my partner, he could beat my manager, and he could beat me. It was an ego thing, so I left. He lays in the ring in Baltimore, Maryland and he never put his hands on me,

"I was gone, goodbye. Then he went on TV on top of that and said that he beat me up in a bar. But he never had a tape of that because it never happened. That was it, so I never wrestled him. they set up a deal, where Gary Hart had put a bounty on Dusty Rhodes and he wanted to turn me heel in Baltimore an in that town I was over, I had won two titles there, I was a big baby face in that town. So he wanted to do it there. When I did knock him out, half of the crowd cheered anyway, but that was it, I was gone. The way I quit was very simple. I got on the airplane and shook hands with everybody. probably eight or ten guys, and I said, 'I'll see you guys, I don't know where or when, but I will see you guys down the road somewhere. They thought I was joking, but I walked off the plane with my bags and I went home. I never did take any bullsh*t in wrestling from anybody."

His thoughts on Vince McMahon and his effect on the business:

"Vince is very successful. I'd be crazy to criticize that. The business has changed and it is not going to go back to the way it was and it's going to change again from what it is today. Somewhere down the road it will change again. That's why a lot of promoters got left behind. They thought he was going to go bankrupt, he was going to kill wrestling, they thought he was going to destroy the business, and what did he do. He took it over, they all went out of business, so Vince had a vision and it worked."

Why he decided to end his career during his WWF run:

"I told Vince, I can't sing, I can't dance, and I can't rock and roll. I've always liked Vince, he was a very honest guy, but I didn't fit there, you have to be realistic. It was not my kind of wrestling. I go in the ring and I wrestle, I put on a fight and tried to make it as believable as I could. So, instead of going around dressed up like a clown or all in polka dots, I loved that one when Vince put polka dots on the 'fat man.' I thought that was great, Vince is a genius, putting polka dots on the 'fat man.' But no, I just didn't fit in that environment. I could not do what he wanted, he never told me that, but I could just see it. To be successful there you have to be able to do different things than I was used to doing. When I started in the sixties, we sold wrestling."

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