This week's episode of NXT opens with Natalya, Emma, and Bayley making their entrance. Tom Phillips, William Regal, Alex Riley, and Renee Young are on commentary.

Emma, Natalya, and Bayley vs. Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, and Summer Rae (with Charlotte)

Summer and Emma start off. They lock up and chain wrestle. Emma gets a roll up. She slams Summer into the corner and tags in Natalya. Summer screams and runs to her corner. Sasha tags in. She shoves Natalya. Natalya chases Sasha to the corner. Sasha kicks Natalya. Natalya tosses Sasha behind her. She runs over Sasha and kicks her in the face. Bayley tags in. Her and Natalya double team Sasha. Bayley lands a body slam. Sasha runs to her corner and tags in Fox. Bayley strikes her into the corner and lands a monkey flip. She elbows Fox in the face. Fox comes back with a dropkick. Fox locks in Bayley's head from behind as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Summer is in control of Bayley. Bayley gets a pin attempt. She strikes Summer. Summer comes back and takes Bayley to her corner. Sasha tags in and slams Bayley face first to the mat. Sasha runs over and attacks Natalya on the apron. Sasha hits Bayley in the back and locks in her head from the front. Fox tags in. She lands a northern lights Suplex on Bayley. Fox locks in Bayley's head from behind. Fox gets a pin attempt. She locks Bayley's head back in. Summer tags in. She chokes Bayley on the ropes with her leg.

Summer kicks Bayley in the face. Summer locks in Bayley's head. Bayley fights out with a vertical Suplex. Fox and Emma tag in. Emma has the hot tag. She hits Sasha and Summer off the apron. Fox boots Emma in the face and goes to her corner for a tag, but Summer, Sasha, and Charlotte walk off and leave Fox alone. Emma locks in the Emma lock and Fox taps.

Winners: Emma, Bayley, and Natalya

Back from commercial and Aiden English makes his entrance.

Aiden English vs. Colin Cassady

The two tie up briefly, and Colin backs English to the corner. Colin goes to hit English, and English ducks. Colin comes after English in another corner, and English puts his boot up. Colin grabs English's boot. Colin hits a strike to the head. He body slams English. English goes to the apron. Colin follows, and English snaps his face onto the ropes. English hits a spinning neckbreaker. He strikes Colin repeatedly. English hits another neckbreaker and goes to drop a leg, but Colin moves. Colin hits a pair of big right hands. He clubs English in the back and goes for a big boot, but English ducks. English goes for a crossbody, but Colin catches him. Colin goes for his finisher, but English counters out and hits the director's cut for the win.

Winner: Aiden English

Back from commercial and Sami Zayn comes down to the ring. He picks up the mic and talks about how he's obsessing over his two out of three falls match against Cesaro. He says he is stuck in the moment and can't move on. He was a moment away from winning and can't figure out where he went wrong.

Cesaro's music hits and he comes out on the stage. He asks Zayn to stop and tells him it's starting to sound pathetic. Cesaro comes down into the ring and says that there is nothing Zayn could have done that would have made a difference. That match was always his to win. He says that he is better than Zayn, and that Zayn is driving himself crazy. Cesaro says that the fact that he is better than Zayn doesn't mean he won't have a great career. He will have a great career down in NXT. Cesaro says that Zayn can beat anyone he wants, but not him. Cesaro tells him to get over it.

Zayn thanks him for the analysis of his inner psyche. He says that he and Cesaro go back a long time. He respects Cesaro and calls him a workhorse and a true competitor. He says that it's strange Cesaro will fight anyone anywhere, but won't fight him. Cesaro asks how many times is it going to take him beating him to realize that he is better. Zayn says he just has to beat him once more. If Cesaro wins, he just confirms what he already knew, that he is better than Sami Zayn. But maybe it won't go down like that, and maybe Cesaro is afraid that since they bring out the best in each other, his best can't beat Zayn one more time.

Cesaro asks how Zayn's knee is. Zayn says it's fine. Cesaro asks if his knee is medically cleared. Zayn says he doesn't have to worry about it; it will be fine. Cesaro asks for Zayn's word that if he accepts the challenge there will be no excuses when he beats him. Zayn says he has his word and extends his hand. The crowd chants pinky promise, and Zayn extends his pinky. Cesaro does the same and says no. He kicks out Zayn's knee and leaves the ring. Triple H's music hits and he walks out.

Triple H addresses Cesaro as the crowd chants best for business. Triple H says that Cesaro may not want the match, but it seems as if the crowd does. More importantly, he wants the match. While it seems like Zayn's knee isn't 100 percent now, he has it on good authority that it will be by February 27th. Triple H says that for NXT's live special, Cesaro will face Sami Zayn because it's best for business. He leaves.

Back from commercial and Tye Dillinger is waiting in the ring.

Tye Dillinger vs. CJ Parker

They lock up and chain wrestle. Tye takes Parker to the mat. He has Parker's head locked in from the front. Parker gets to his feet and flips Tye off of him. He hits Tye with an airplane spin. Parker hits his palm strike to the face for the win.

Winner: CJ Parker

Parker takes up a mic. He asks why the crowd doesn't love him. He asks if they know what he does for them. He reduces, reuses, and recycles. He drives a fuel efficient Ford Fiesta because he cares about the Earth, and the people boo him for that. He should boo the crowd because they melt his polar ice caps, put holes in the ozone, and cut down his trees. The world is going down the tubes and it's the NXT Universe's fault because they're incapable of loving. They don't love him, the world, or themselves. From this moment forward, he doesn't love the crowd either.

Back from commercial and the Wyatt Family make their entrance.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Jason Jordan and Marcus Louis

Louis and Harper start off. Harper shoves him around the ring. He chops Louis in the corner and tags in Rowan. Rowan clubs Louis in the back. He tosses Louis behind him and strikes him in the corner. Harper tags in. He takes Jason Jordan out off the apron. Rowan body avalanches Louis in the corner. Harper hits Louis with the discus clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Bray gets in the ring after the match. Harper and Rowan hold Jordan, and Bray hits him with Sister Abigail. Bray picks up the mic and says that souls cry at the thought of their presence being felt. They haven't forgot where they came from. NXT has and always will belong to the Wyatt Family. Follow the buzzards.

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