** SPOILERS ** Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight

** SPOILERS ** Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight
Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Nathan Topping for sending in these detailed results from last month's TNA Impact Wrestling taping in Manchester, which will air tonight.

- The show opened with the Dixie heel faction in the ring. They had huge heat, Magnus especially. Magnus cut a promo talking himself up, and then turned his attention to MVP. He said that MVP needed setting straight about the pecking order in TNA, with Magnus at the top and MVP right at the bottom. He told MVP that there's no way that MVP could buy him, as he's not a paper champion and doesn't sell out. MVP then came out to the stage with Samoa Joe (MVP's TNA theme is great by the way - a few people in our section of the crowd tended to break out dancing whenever it was playing), and told Magnus that if he couldn't be bought then he must have bought Dixie instead, and he hoped he'd got a discount due to all the mileage and excessive wear and tear on her. He announced that Magnus would defend his World Title against the number one contender, Joe, at Lockdown. Gunner then came out and announced that he'd be cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase next week and intended to be the one to face Joe at Lockdown instead. Dixie said that before that could happen Gunner would be defending his Feast or Fired briefcase against EC3 tonight. MVP upped the stakes and announced a ladder match for both Gunner's briefcase and EC3's one (for a tag title shot) - winner take all - and warned the faction that if there was any interference he'd come back out and level the playing field.

- EC3 vs Gunner in a Ladder Match for the Feast or Fired briefcases. This was a decent match (apart from the briefcases being way too low. Gunner gained the upper hand after a short time and Magnus ran out to beat him down. Storm then came out to help Gunner, and MVP returned to announce that as Magnus hadn't heeded his warning the match would now be a 2v2, to give Storm and Gunner the advantage as they're actually a team rather than just forced acquaintances as EC3 and Magnus are. The match continued, there were a few really nice looking spots with the ladder. Magnus and EC3 had it won at one point but got into a heated argument with each other over who should climb the ladder and get the briefcases (it wasn't overly clear why - at the time I imagined it might mean that if Magnus got them, he'd have possession of them so that no-one had the title shot, but since Storm collected the briefcases but Gunner kept the title shot I wasn't really sure why), which allowed the faces to make a comeback and win the match.

- Samoa Joe & The Wolves vs BroMans & Zema Ion. This was a really good match, probably the best of the night. The Wolves looked really good together (could see why they were so highly rated free agents), and Joe was utterly dominant when he got the tag. The crowd were into Joe in a huge way too throughout. Joe got the win via submission (rear naked choke) whilst the other four were brawling on the outside.

- Abyss came to the ring to talk for the first time following the revelation that he is indeed Joseph Park. He was wearing his usual Abyss garb but without the mask, which he carried with him instead. He called out Eric Young, telling him to come and face what he'd done. When Young came out, Abyss ripped Young for making him Abyss again, how he couldn't stand being the monster because of all the things he's done as the monster, and how Young never should have got into his business. Young said he was only trying to help him find his brother, as Park had asked him to do, and that he'd been successful. Abyss said he couldn't be "him" anymore, and that he needed someone who understood him, referencing the scars all over his arms and body (assumedly he meant the tack marks on his arms following the Monster's Ball match in Glasgow), and the segment closed with Abyss leaving saying he was going to "fix this", which came off very much as 'get rid of Abyss again'. Young was left alone in the ring shaking his head looking disappointed.

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