** SPOILERS ** Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight

- MVP vs Rockstar Spud. MVP was totally dominant (and very over with the crowd) - a squash match if there ever was one. I doubt it even lasted two minutes. Felt quite sorry for Spud being used this way, as he's such an entertaining character, He's so good in the role though that it's hard to argue with it. We didn't see a backstage segment or anything setting this one up, so I assumed one would be inserted before airing.

- Chris Sabin vs Velvet Sky. Velvet was very over, and Sabin very unpopular here. Sabin started by taunting and insulting Velvet in the ring, and offered to give her a free shot at him to start the match. Velvet refused until he ripped at her some more, before hitting him with a low blow. Sabin laughed and pulled a cup out, mocking her for not thinking he'd have taken precautions. With the cup out, Velvet hit him with the low blow again (to much greater effect) and started wailing away at him. A large, heavily built woman (debuting I assume) then ran down and proceeded to assault Velvet, leaving her laid out in the ring. She then mounted Sabin on her shoulders allowing him to celebrate in the ring, before carrying him to the back as if they were a couple. Velvet was then helped to the back by officials.

- Mr Anderson vs Bully Ray in a Casket (well, wooden coffin at least) Match. This was a good match. Bully started things off by removing his hoodie to reveal a Liverpool shirt (to garner MASSIVE heat from the Manchester crowd). Anderson beat him down, stripped the shirt, used it to choke him, then stamped on it and degraded it a bit to make him the easy fan favourite. They brawled outside the ring a bit and Anderson failed to get Bully in the coffin (resulting in "He's too fat" chants which amused the crowd), before they got back in the ring. A steel chair came into play a bit before the crowd started demanding tables, which Anderson obliged in setting up in the ring before pushing the coffin into the ring too. Bully made a comeback and got Anderson in the coffin, but couldn't get the lid on due to Anderson's resistance. Bully was pretty dominant at this point despite this brief resistance though, and ended up powerbombing Anderson through the table (much to the crowd's pleasure). He was all positioned to put Anderson back in the coffin again for the win when Anderson countered and hit the Mic Check into the coffin. He then threw the Liverpool shirt into the coffin with Bully, grabbed the lid (which had bits falling off it, making it look a bit cheap) and forced it on top for the win. After Anderson left Bully roused himself and argued with the ref, demanding his hand be raised. Looked like he believed he'd won the match, not understanding what had happened.

- Gail Kim vs Madison Rain in a non-title Street Fight. I was left a bit disappointed from this, as I was expecting something on the scale of the epic battles Kim had with Taryn Terryl, but it really wasn't anywhere near that standard. Kim had the upper hand for most of the match, and Madison kept being put back down whenever she tried to rally against the momentum. Bar a few hits on Madison with a kendo stick, and some damage being taken by Kim via a baking tray, there wasn't too much "street fight" about the match. Kim eventually got the win after laying Madison out with the Knockout's Title whilst Tapa distracted the ref.

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