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The decision to bring in MVP to be the headliner of this new storyline where Dixie Carter is evil and ruining her company is highly questionable. MVP has a lot of the same qualities that past TNA mistakes have come from. MVP was a mid-carder in WWE and probably did everything he could in that company. He has been removed from the American wrestling audience for a couple years now, yet TNA is bringing him in, building a huge storyline around him, and will hope that fans will connect with MVP and cheer for him as the savior of TNA. It all seems like a very big stretch for such a small figure in wrestling. As bad as Hulk Hogan and Erich Bischoff's time in TNA was, at least they were major figures in professional wrestling; the same cannot be said for MVP.

Another significant problem is that TNA still seems lost on a lot of its booking. Austin Aries is the man who has suffered the most recently. In 2012, Aries became a bona fide star in TNA and had a lot of support from the fans. Recently, Aries has been regulated to mid-card status, going from heel to face to heel back to face. Aries is relatively young, charismatic and can make anybody look good in the ring, yet TNA doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in him going forward.

TNA is looking to change things up, and as they change the face of their company on TV and behind the scenes. TNA still has a good source of talent on their roster, and with competent booking anything is possible. The question still lingers on whether TNA can get to a level beyond where it peaked in 2010, but at least they are finally trying to do it with some younger faces.

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