Jeff Jarrett posted the video above, which contained his first comments since resigning from TNA last December. Jarrett noted that he was headed to Mexico City, and talked about his new project and strongly hinted that it was a new wrestling promotion.

Jarrett said that "we're very excited about the next step of this journey," and that they will be documenting everything on video. He said that the day is coming for him to make a formal announcement, and he can't wait for it.

He said that this is one weekend of many where he's searching the world to find the best independent talent. He said that they will be looking in Japan, India, Australia, Europe, Mexico and all across North America.

Jarrett discussed his relationship with AAA in Mexico, and said that they have worked together for over 10 years. He noted that their partnership has been very successful.

Jarrett said that he feels that professional wrestling is in a boom period. He said that with the WWE Network launching, the new Mark Burnett partnering with AAA, and with what he's working on, the wrestling business is "just about to see a big boom."

Jarrett finished the video by noting that his family has been in the business for over 70 years, and that it's very "exciting times" for him.

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