Impact Wrestling Recap With Video: Chris Sabin Vs. Velvet Sky, Bully Ray Vs. Mr. Anderson, More

This week's episode of Impact opens with a recap of what happened on last week's Impact between Dixie Carter and MVP. Mike Tenay and Taz are on commentary.

Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud, EC3, and Magnus come out to the ring. Carter takes up the mic and says she hasn't lost sleep over MVP's threats. She can't lose control over her company; it would be like her having a bad hair day. It's because she has the TNA World Heavyweight champ, Magnus. EC3 takes the mic and says she also has a stunning nephew that ended the career of Kurt Angle.

Magnus takes the mic and says it's good to be back in Manchester because he knows it's one whole year before he has to be back and surrounded by slobs. He says that people like the crowd make him ashamed to be British. He says he isn't from the north, and he isn't a paper champion. What he is is a man that recognizes opportunity, and there is none in Manchester. Magnus says that Dixie is a beacon of American capitalism from the land of opportunity. She flipped through a magazine and saw Magnus and instantly decided to scoop him up and sign him to a deal.

Magnus then brings up MVP. He says he doesn't know whom MVP is and what jail cell he came from, but he is going to establish the pecking order: Magnus, Dixie, everybody nipping at his heels, and then MVP. He tells MVP he can't buy him and he isn't for sale.

MVP and Samoa Joe come out on the stage. MVP says that standing next to him is the Samoan submission machine, and the number one contender. He announces that Magnus will defend his title against Joe at Lockdown, and Gunner's music hits. He comes out on the stage. He apologizes for the interruption, and calls Magnus a paper champion. He says he's sick of carrying around his briefcase. He tells Magnus he is giving him seven days to prepare himself. Next week, he will be cashing in his case on Impact and the winner will face Samoa Joe at Lockdown.

Dixie Carter says that tonight, Gunner will face EC3. Gunner's briefcase will be on the line in the match. MVP says that as he understands EC3 has a briefcase of his own. He says that Gunner and James Storm would love to be tag team champs, and that they are going to hang both briefcases above the ring and the winner will take all. MVP tells EC3 that if anyone interferes, he will level the playing field.

Ladder Match
Gunner vs. EC3
Both wrestlers' Feast or Fired cases are on the line

Carter bails out of the ring. He gets back inside, and Gunner hits a leaping knee to the face. Carter goes for a crossbody, but Gunner catches him and hits a fall away slam. Gunner goes outside and grabs a ladder. Carter dropkicks him. He takes a ladder inside and sets it up. Gunner stops him, and slams him into the corner several times. He grabs the ladder and rams it into Carter's stomach. Gunner whips Carter into the ladder. They exchange strikes. Gunner charges and Carter side steps, sending Gunner into the ladder. Carter sets the ladder up and climbs up. Gunner power bombs him off. He climbs the ladder, and Magnus runs out to the ring. He pushes the ladder over and attacks Gunner. James Storm runs down to the ring and attacks Carter. He goes to Superkick Magnus, but Magnus bails out of the ring.

MVP comes out and says they deliberately defied him, so he is making it a tag match, case vs. case.

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