Impact Wrestling Recap With Video: Chris Sabin Vs. Velvet Sky, Bully Ray Vs. Mr. Anderson, More

Ladder Match
Gunner and James Storm vs. Magnus and EC3
Both Feast or Fired cases are on the line

Back from commercial and Storm tosses Magnus in the ring. He and Gunner attack Magnus with the ladder. Gunner sets the ladder up as Storm attacks Carter on the outside. Magnus pulls Gunner down and slams him into the ladder. He picks the ladder up and hits Gunner in the chest with it. Carter gets back in the ring. Magnus sets the ladder against the ropes, and Carter puts Gunner on it. Magnus strikes Gunner, and Carter goes up top. He leaps off and onto Gunner. Magnus and Carter take turns slamming Gunner onto the ladder. Magnus picks the ladder up and runs at Gunner with it. Magnus drops a leg on Gunner, and Carter drops an elbow. Gunner gets tossed outside.

Carter sets the ladder up as Magnus kicks Storm away from the ring. Carter climbs the ladder, and Magnus pulls him down and stops him. They argue and stop each other from climbing. Storm gets inside and attacks them both. He clotheslines Magnus outside. Storm and Gunner toss Carter onto the ladder. Gunner picks Carter up on his shoulders, and Magnus attacks him. Storm clotheslines himself and Magnus outside. Carter gets up and sets the ladder up. Gunner goes inside and drops a headbutt on Carter. He climbs the ladder pulls the cases down for the win.

Winners: James Storm and Gunner

Then, Mr. Anderson is backstage. He says that he and Bully's fight is about the one thing that separates them, the thing that he has that Bully doesn't have: family. He says it's about this, and shows a picture of his newborn twins.

Back from commercial and the BroMans and Zema Ion walk in on Rockstar Spud. He is putting a tapeline down the center of Dixie's office to divide the room for Dixie and MVP. The BroMans want to know how Gunner and Storm got the case for the tag title shot, and Spud assures them that Dixie has it under control. MVP walks up and says that Dixie's control is slipping. The people want to see wrestling. MVP sets up a match between the BroMans, Zema Ion, the Wolves, and a mystery partner.

The BroMans and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Samoa Joe

Joe runs down, and he and the Wolves clear the ring. Davey and Jessie are in the ring. Davey takes it to Jessie, and Eddie tags in. They slam Jessie into Joe's head. Robbie tags in. Eddie chops him several times. He kicks Robbie in the stomach and hits a knee to the head. Davey tags back in and the Wolves double team Robbie. Davey headbutts Ion on the apron. Robbie attacks Davey from behind. Ion tags in. He elbows the back of Davey's head and knees him. Davey fights back with strikes.

Davey attacks Jessie and Robbie on the apron, but Ion trips Davey into the corner. Jessie tags in. He slaps the back of Davey's head. Jessie picks Davey above his head, and Robbie tags in. Jessie drops Davey, and Robbie leaps off the top rope and slams into Davey. He locks in Davey's head. Davey fights out, and Robbie lands an elbow to the face. The BroMans try to double team Davey, but Davey stops them and tags in Joe. Ion tags in as well. Joe takes it to Ion and hits a back splash. He knees Ion in the head.

Joe goes for a pin. The BroMans try to break it up, but Joe moves and the BroMans hit Ion. The Wolves toss the BroMans outside, and take them out with dives. Joe locks Ion in his rear naked choke, and Ion taps.

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