Impact Wrestling Recap With Video: Chris Sabin Vs. Velvet Sky, Bully Ray Vs. Mr. Anderson, More

Winners: Samoa Joe and the Wolves

Back from commercial and Velvet Sky approaches Dixie in her office. She brings up Chris Sabin's challenge and asks her to call off the match. Dixie says that she learned from MVP that she can't sit on her back and get paid to look pretty so she will just have to go through with the match. Sky leaves, and MVP asks Dixie why she is okay with a girl facing a guy. Dixie says that she wishes MVP was a wrestler so that she could find someone to fight him. Spud says that if MVP were a wrestler, he'd be the man to fight him. MVP says that he brought his gear, and says that he will fight him and their match will be next.

Then, the match between Eric Young and Abyss last week is recapped. Abyss comes down to the ring without his mask on. He picks up a mic and says to keep the lights dim. He apologizes and says that he never wanted this to happen this way, but his good buddy Eric Young wanted to prove that Abyss and Joseph Park were the same. He tells Young to come down and see what he's done.

Eric Young comes down to ringside. He says he was just trying to help. Abyss asks why Young won't get closer to him and asks if he is afraid. Young gets in the ring and says he proved last week that he isn't afraid of anything. What he doesn't understand is what is going on with Abyss. He says that Abyss asked for his help. Park asked for help finding Abyss. Abyss holds up his mask and says that it's the reality of what Young did last week. He says that Young proved Park is Abyss.

Young says that what he proved is that Abyss is his friend. He loves Abyss like the crowd does. He proved Abyss and Park are the same person, and he showed him exactly who he is. Abyss asks who he is. He yells and asks who Young is. Abyss says he has carved his body to bits and destroyed people's lives and careers. He has left carnage wherever he goes. He tells Young to look at his scars. They tell the story, the blood, tacks, and barbed wire.

Abyss says calmly he can't be that guy anymore. He can't do what he did anymore. What he needs is help. Young says that they have come this far, and says they should finish it together. He says he can help Abyss. Abyss pushes him and screams that he doesn't need his help. He says that he and Young are done. What he needs to do is go away and fix this. He needs to fix Young's mistake and finds somebody that truly understands him. Abyss says he will find someone that understands him and he is going to fix this. He drops his mask at Young's feet and leaves the ring.

Back from commercial and Samuel Shaw has a run in with Christy Hemme. He says that he agrees they should keep things professional.

MVP vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud hesitantly slides in the ring. MVP approaches, and Spud slides back out. MVP leaves the ring and chases Spud. Spud gets inside and attacks MVP with strikes as MVP tries to get in. He kicks MVP's leg and strikes him in the face. Spud slaps MVP. MVP lifts Spud up and drops him to the mat. He spikes Spud's face against his knee and drops an elbow. MVP kicks Spud hard in the head for the win.

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