Impact Wrestling Recap With Video: Chris Sabin Vs. Velvet Sky, Bully Ray Vs. Mr. Anderson, More

Anderson goes up top, and Bully crotches him. He hits Anderson with a chair. Bully climbs up top with Anderson and superplexes him off. Bully rolls Anderson into the coffin and picks the lid up. He goes to put it on, and Anderson puts his feet and hands up to stop him. Bully hits Anderson in the head with the coffin lid and goes for a chair shot, but Anderson punches Bully between the legs. Anderson gets out of the coffin. Bully picks Anderson up and powerbombs him through the set up table.

Bully picks Anderson up and takes him to the coffin. He goes to pile drive Anderson inside the coffin, but Anderson counters out and mic checks Bully into the coffin. Anderson puts the lid on for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Then, Dixie approaches MVP in the office. She says that MVP has been leveraging his shares, and it has to stop. She has zero tolerance for him. She offers to buy MVP's shares. MVP asks why she thinks he wants to sell, and Dixie pulls out a contract. She tells him it's a significant amount of money, and he agrees. He says it would be the biggest payday he's ever seen. Dixie says that he should sign the contract and make the money. MVP says he didn't come to make money. He came to make TNA better. Dixie asks what he's thinking. He balls the contract up and tosses it into the trash. MVP says as a wrestler, he thinks he has a solution. He proposes a four on four team match where the winner assumes control of the company. Dixie hates the idea. MVP tells her to make the decision, and Dixie says MVP will get what he wants, but it won't be in the way he thought. MVP gets up and leaves, and Dixie sits angrily as the show ends.

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