This week's episode of Smackdown opens with Daniel Bryan making his entrance. Michael Cole and JBL are on commentary.

Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Christian vs. The Shield

Christian and Rollins start off. Rollins takes to Christian and tags in Reigns. Reigns keeps up the offense, but Christian is able to tag in Sheamus. Sheamus drives Reigns into the corner and clubs his back. Reigns comes back with a headbutt. Reigns hits a back elbow. Sheamus slams Reigns to the mat and drops a knee on his chest. Sheamus strikes Reigns against the ropes. Reigns knees Sheamus and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose hits body shots. Ambrose charges Sheamus, and Sheamus knocks him down. Bryan tags in.

Bryan kicks Ambrose into the corner. He hits Ambrose with a clothesline and a flying dropkick in the corner. He sets Ambrose up top and head scissors him off. Bryan locks in the Yes Lock. Reigns and Rollins get in the ring. Sheamus and Christian get in the ring and they all stare each other down as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Rollins has Bryan's head locked in. Bryan gets out and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus knocks Rollins down and rams him in the corner. He hits Rollins with a high running knee. Sheamus takes Rollins to the ropes and clubs his chest 10 times. He goes up top, and Rollins kicks Sheamus in the head, sending him off. Reigns tags in and dropkicks Sheamus in the head. He sends Sheamus into the barrier and sends him back inside. Ambrose tags in and stomps on Sheamus. Sheamus fights back with shots to the stomach.

Ambrose slams Sheamus's head to the mat. Rollins tags in. He attacks Sheamus in the corner with kicks and a flying elbow. Reigns tags in. He hits Sheamus in the head several times. Reigns kicks Sheamus in the corner. He slams Sheamus's head to the mat and locks it in from the front. Sheamus powers out. Reigns hits Bryan off the apron. He talks trash on Christian, and Sheamus hits him with the Irish Curse. Rollins tags in. He tries to hit Christian, but Christian moves. Christian and Ambrose tag in. Christian has the hot tag. He takes it to Ambrose. Christian slams Ambrose's head into the turnbuckle and hits a big tornado DDT.

Reigns and Rollins break up the pin attempt. Bryan takes them both out with a dropkick and kicks both of them. Bryan sends Reigns out of the ring and takes him out with a dive. Rollins takes Bryan out with a dive. Back in the ring, Christian plants Ambrose to the mat. Sheamus hits an interfering Rollins with the Brogue kick. He goes for one on Ambrose, but Ambrose moves and Sheamus hits Christian. Reigns spears Sheamus, and Ambrose pins Christian for the win.

Winners: The Shield

Then, Vickie Guerrero is backstage talking on the phone. Zeb Colter walks up and asks her to be his valentine. He gives her a box of chocolates. Vickie questions Colter's motives, and Colter asks for a title shot for Jack Swagger. Vickie says she will give Swagger a shot at the Intercontinental Championship if he can defeat Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Mark Henry in a four way match. She slams the chocolates in Colter's chest.

Back from commercial and Byron Saxton is backstage with Cesaro. He asks for Cesaro's thoughts on facing Randy Orton tonight. Cesaro says he will beat Orton tonight and he will prove what he already knows, he can become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Then, Lita's Hall of Fame video is shown.

Next, Mark Henry makes his entrance.

Fatal Four Way: Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston
Winner will be the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship

Big E is on commentary for this match. Henry knocks Swagger and Mysterio down and spine busters Kofi. Henry tosses Swagger out of the ring. Kofi and Mysterio attacks Henry. They dropkick him at the same time. Henry rolls out of the ring, and Mysterio and Kofi stare each other down. Mysterio shoves Kofi to the mat. Kofi lands a back elbow. Mysterio kicks Kofi in the head and gets a two count. Swagger trips Mysterio and tosses Kofi behind him. Mysterio head scissors Swagger, and Kofi pulls the ropes down, sending Swagger outside. Kofi takes Swagger out with a dive, and Mysterio takes Kofi out with a seated senton. Henry gets back in the ring.

Henry starts to go for what looks like a dive, and Swagger chop blocks his knee. He hits Henry with a pair of Swagger bombs. Kofi attacks Swagger from behind and hits him into 619 position. Mysterio kicks Kofi and goes for 619, but Swagger clotheslines him. Swagger kicks Mysterio in the corner and sets him up top. Mysterio kicks Swagger and hits him with a seated senton. He hurricanranas Swagger and plants him face first to the mat. Kofi breaks up the pin attempt.

Mysterio charges Kofi in the corner, and Kofi moves. Mysterio collides with the ring post. Kofi attacks Swagger with dropkicks and strikes. He clotheslines Swagger and hits the Boom Drop. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise. He hits Mysterio off the apron. Kofi goes up top. Swagger climbs up and has Kofi in superplex position. Henry grabs Swagger off and slams him to the mat. Henry takes out Kofi and Mysterio. Swagger takes out Henry's knee and locks in the Patriot Lock. Henry powers out. Mysterio hits Henry with 619 to the stomach. Kofi hits Henry with Trouble in Paradise.

Mysterio kicks Swagger and Kofi. Swagger German suplexes Mysterio and Kofi at the same time. He tosses Kofi out of the ring. Mysterio trips him into 619 position. Kofi gets in the ring and hits Mysterio with Trouble in Paradise mid run. Henry breaks up the pin attempt, and Kofi kicks Henry into the announce table. Swagger locks Kofi in the Patriot Lock. Kofi fights out. He goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Swagger catches his leg in mid air and locks the Patriot Lock in again. Kofi taps.

Winner and new number one contender: Jack Swagger

Then, Betty White's guest appearance on RAW is recapped.

Next, Bad News Barrett cuts a promo on his podium about Valentine's Day.

Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and the Usos vs. Ryback, Curtis Axel, and the New Age Outlaws

Gunn and Goldust start off. They lock up. Goldust hits a shoulder tackle. Goldust kicks Gunn in the stomach and arm drags him. He keeps Gunn's arm locked in. James tags in. Goldust hip tosses him. Cody tags in. He strikes and kicks James in the corner. Cody gets a pin attempt. James hits Cody in the mid section. He knocks Cody down with a head shot. Cody lands a clothesline. He locks in James's arm. Jimmy tags in. He strikes James. Jey tags in. The Usos double team James. James knees Jey in the stomach. Axel tags in. He hits Jey in the head. Axel lands a dropkick. Axel attacks Jey in the corner. He chokes Jey with his knee in the corner.

Axel takes Jey to his corner. Ryback tags in. He kicks Jey and hits him in the head. Ryback drives his shoulder into Jey's stomach. He power whips Jey into the corner and stomps on him. Ryback chokes Jey using the bottom rope. He clubs Jey in the back and slams him into the corner. Ryback hits a huge chop. He takes Jey to another corner and chops him again. Jey fights back with strikes, but Ryback slams him to the mat as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ryback is in control of Jey. Gunn tags in. He slams Jey's head into the corner and stomps him on the mat. Gunn charges, but Jey moves and Gunn collides with the turnbuckle. Jimmy and James tag in. Jimmy kicks Ryback off the apron and takes it to James. He knocks Axel off the apron and Samoan drops James. Gunn tries to get involved, and Jimmy attacks him too. He hits both Gunn and James with his corner hip attacks. Axel breaks up the pin, and Cody attacks him and sends him outside. Cody takes out Axel with a dive. Ryback attacks Cody and sends him into the barrier. Goldust takes Ryback out with a dive. Back in the ring, the Usos have control of James. Jey leaps out and takes out Ryback, Axel, and Gunn with a dive. Jimmy hits James with a splash and pins him for the win.

Winners: Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and the Usos

Then, Renee Young is backstage with Randy Orton. Young says that Orton is 1-2 against his Elimination Chamber opponents and asks if it's unfair. Orton says no, and that he trusts the authority. Orton calls out Cesaro for saying he would beat him. Orton says that tonight, Cesaro is going to get the Viper.

Back from commercial and another Alexander Rusev promo is shown.

Damien Sandow vs. Darren Young

Titus O'Neil is on commentary for this match. Young knocks down Sandow. Young clotheslines Sandow outside. Young follows, and Sandow kicks his legs out. He slams Young into the barrier. He sends Young inside and goes for the cover. Young battles back with headshots. Sandow knees Young in the stomach. He goes for the full Nelson slam, and Young counters out and gets the quick pin on Sandow for the win.

Winner: Darren Young

Titus leaves commentary and attacks Young from behind. Young fights Titus off, ripping up Titus's suit in the process. Titus exits the ring and freaks out, tossing the ring steps.

Then, the Bellas describe how to access and watch the WWE Network.

Fandango vs. The Miz

Fandango locks in a side headlock. Fandango hits a shoulder tackle. Miz kicks Fandango's knees out. He mounts Fandango in the corner and punches him. He kicks Fandango in the thigh. Fandango comes back with a clothesline. He kicks Miz in the head. Miz fires back with shots to the body. Fandango lands a dropkick. He knees Miz in the stomach. Miz comes back with a back elbow. He knocks Fandango down and hits his backbreaker/neck breaker combo. Miz tries for the figure four, but Fandango kicks him away into the ring post.

Santino Marella's music hits, and he and Emma walk down to the ring. Summer yells at them to leave. She gets in Emma's face, and Emma shoves her. Summer slaps Emma, and Emma swings her to the ground. Emma and Summer start fighting. Fandango tosses Miz outside and approaches the other side of the ring. He swipes at Santino. Santino hits Fandango with the Cobra, and Miz hits Fandango with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Then, Bobo Brazil's Black History Month video is shown. Next, footage from Triple H's weekly interview with Michael Cole is shown. Triple H talks up Cesaro and says that he is good enough to walk out of the Elimination Chamber with the Championship if the other wrestlers take him lightly.

Randy Orton vs. Cesaro

Cesaro goes for a quick pin. Orton rolls out of the ring. He gets back inside. They lock up and Orton rolls Cesaro up. Orton rolls back outside. He gets back in. Cesaro takes him to the mat. He gets a pin attempt on Orton. Cesaro gut wrench suplexes Orton. He stomps on Orton's chest and goes for another pin attempt. Cesaro strikes Orton in the corner. He whips Orton. Orton comes back with a clothesline. Cesaro battles back with uppercuts. He hits Orton with a running uppercut in the corner. Orton rolls back outside. Cesaro follows. Orton drives him into the barrier twice and hits a clothesline. Orton goes back in the ring as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Orton drops Cesaro onto the barrier outside the ring. He slams Cesaro's head into the announce table. Orton sends Cesaro back inside. He locks in Cesaro's head. The crowd chants we the people. Cesaro gets to his feet and elbows Orton into the corner. They exchange strikes and uppercuts. Orton lands a big back elbow. Cesaro ends up outside. Orton follows and slams Cesaro's head into the apron. He tosses Cesaro into the barrier, and Cesaro explodes away from it with a clothesline. Cesaro rolls Orton into the ring.

Cesaro gets on the apron. Orton attacks and goes for his draping DDT. Cesaro counters out and gets Orton in Cesaro swing position. Orton fights out, but Cesaro locks him back in and does the Cesaro swing. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Orton tosses him off and powerslams him. Orton takes Cesaro to the ropes and hits his draping DDT. Orton points at the WrestleMania sign. He signals for the RKO. Orton goes for it, and Cesaro hits an uppercut to the back of the head. He hits Orton with his pop up uppercut and gets a near pin fall.

Cesaro charges Orton in the corner. Orton moves and Cesaro collides with the ring post. Orton hits a dropkick. Cesaro goes to the apron. Orton climbs up and pulls Cesaro with him. Cesaro stops the superplex attempt and headbutts Orton. Cesaro sunset flips Orton off and lands an uppercut. Cesaro hits Orton with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

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