The Shining Wizards podcast recently interviewed former TNA star Jesse Sorensen, which you can listen to at this link. Here are some highlights:

- He mentioned that Kid Kash was mean to him at first, but Sorensen earned his respect after working stiff in a match.

- Jesse marked out meeting Ric Flair for the first time. He said that Flair would regularly pick up guys' food tabs whenever they were all eating out.

- He admits that he and Zema Ion didn't talk for five months after the injury, and Zema never contacted him. He asked him about it when they finally met at Destination X, and he said he felt so bad he didn't know what to say.

- The doctors at TNA were sceptical of him ever getting in the ring again.

- He denied claims that he ever made six figures in his TNA office job or anything close to it.

- He confirms that TNA didn't pay his medical bills, and he and his mother struggled with them. He also told the story about Dixie Carter asked him to claim the release was mutual after he was fired.

- He holds no ill will towards TNA despite everything. He said that his positive attitude comes from his mother, who worked hard her entire life to support her kids after his father died.

- He noted that his current girlfriend got him into bodybuilding, and he's now regularly entering fitness contests, and he even placed fourth at a recent event.

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