Jay Bradley Talks CM Punk Quitting WWE, If Spike Will Drop Impact, His TNA Release, More

From the beginning I was one of the original people that jumped Sting when it started, I was one of the original people they were considering for the storyline for the long haul when it first started but I was also told that the company saw more in me than just being part of a gang to show more potential in the future which is kind of odd now because they said before and now they've released me but I guess that's just how things have played out but the instance you mentioned about the Bound For Glory gauntlet match series, again, things just changed man. That's all I can say. They've changed. There was a small spotlight on me on the microphone for one episode and a backstage pre-tape and it just kind of dropped. I think that was the last time you would have saw me on Impact, it was kind of just like "Well, what happened to that?" "Where did that story go?" It never got tied up and I thought it would've been kind of fun.

It was even something I was throwing at creative at one point it was just, they put the spotlight on me and they've got this big looking guy who people have told me could just grab a tree trunk out of the ground and now we're alluding that maybe he's a hired gun and maybe there's something we can do there. I pitched them the idea that maybe it was EGO, I'm the muscle behind EGO, you know? These 3 guys who were just all about the same size and similar wrestling style and they were almost veterans and I pitched them they idea that why don't I just come in and be the muscle of the group and do a Diesel-esq kind of thing that Shaw Michaels was going in the 90s for the group. And I also threw the idea out there that I was Dixie's hired guy and that Dixie hired me to take out AJ and the plan was received as far back that I would be Dixie's personal body guard cause she was a well-to-do woman in a man's world so she would probably need a bodyguard. So why not put a big guy like me in front of her while she does her business?

Again, those were just two ideas that I threw at them but you know, again, I kind of just got pushed aside but that's business, that's pro-wrestling. They're not going to take everything you throw at them and they're going to move in the direction of the story that they want to tell and the business that they want to do on their television show. It happens all the time, it happened at WWE when I was there, I'm sure it happens at the Japanese companies when guys throw ideas for matches and feuds and I'm sure it happens in companies like in Ring of Honor which is almost a semi-national television company now. It's just the nature of the beast.

If TNA could move their business overseas and if they are in danger of losing their Spike TV deal:

No, I don't think they could just pack up and take their business elsewhere. I don't see them losing the Spike deal either. The Spike TV deal comes up later on this year but I've always seen Spike TV go to wrestling i n c to have a lot of clout in what goes on in impact wrestling so I don't see that relationship changing. They are still a top rated program for Spike and this is a good situation for TNA, a national product for television.

As far as the international market goes, yeah they do very strongly. Even for Japan when I was there, they had only been around for a year and it wasn't the greatest time slot but it was still doing very well, they renewed it for 5 years so they will be doing it for the station in Japan for the next 5 years and I know they just renewed for Challenge TV or whatever the UK carrier is. I know they do extremely well in Europe and so does WWE. I think the reason is that it is too full where they're on and I think better networks overseas where they are paid channels on the station that WWE is on. Maybe that will change with the new network that WWE has on where you can watch any wrestling ever invented so as far as the product, TNA is probably a little more exposed around those areas. Also they do pretty well over there because it's still kind of new. It's still kind of the new thing to do so if you get WWE & TNA only over there to Glasgow or London once a year or your country once a year, it's going to get a better turnout than having it happen in the United States which is a bigger country happening once a week over here.

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