Jay Bradley Talks CM Punk Quitting WWE, If Spike Will Drop Impact, His TNA Release, More

Now take WWE or TNA away, they're going to hold a show once a year in Dallas, TX for all of 2014 or if we're just going to have Mania, it's going to draw a lot more views and tickets. But that's just my take on it. As far as them and the hating of it as for as TNA, I kind of understand it but I don't think it's necessarily deserved. As far as the hating, there are hardcore fans that forget that this is what they love rather than playing armchair booker or armchair wrestler so I kind of think of it as if TNA goes away, all these people that you love to watch wrestle will no longer have a place to wrestle and you'll no longer have a place to watch wrestling. I also kind of look at it as you have a company out there that tries new things." I'm not saying that WWE doesn't try new things but you have a much more slower change. It's much more mythological. TNA has tried so many things over the last ten years, let's see what's going to work for them because I don't think they've found their niche yet. So let's try to go from a 6 side ring to a 4 sided ring. Vince McMahon has their business model down pact, no one is going to beat him at it, no one is going to take it from them. I don't think TNA has their business model down pact yet so they like to try new things like exhibition guys for a while and then let's try out knockout guys for a while and see what's getting people's attention. So I just think that sometimes they've gotten the reputation and people are going to give you a mile of hate for what they don't like and an inch of praise. People are going to remember the negative more so than the positive and I think that's what sticks out in a lot of people's minds.

His thoughts on CM Punk quitting WWE:

My take. Let me just say that me and Punk broke in together when we were teenagers. There has been times where me and Punk have been very close but now we've just drifted apart, there have been some times where we were like "hi" or "bye" here and there but I 100% think that there is no storyline to think. I 100% think that this is completely legit and just knowing Punk, what you see of him on TV is what you get, he has always been that way. He is a really passionate individual who go to wrestling i n c can be very passionate but also really hardheaded so I think it got to the point where you can only push a passionate person for so long and dangle certain goals over their head like a carrot to where they are kind of like "F this man".

From what I understand he was pushed very hard, he came back early from some injuries and was back to the grind of 250+ days on the road. He's not a big over-muscled athlete, I'm sure his joints are feeling it and he got himself into a position in wrestling where financially he can just throw his hands up in the air and walk and be like "Financially, I'm set. I don't need any of this." And I think there are a lot of guys out there who are set in a certain way of life where they have bills to pay and a family to support so they have to wrestle professionally but they have to grind it out for the sake of the paycheck to pay the mortgage and cars. I don't think Punk had any of that go to wrestling i n c so he got to the point where the thing he loved was making him unhappy and miserable and he was financially set so God bless him that he can do that. Not many guys can do that. Like there's Chris Jerico who can come and go as he pleases, you know The Rock was hit with Hollywood or even guys like Edge who suddenly had to retire and is like "Ok, I'm fine, I don't have to work anymore" and maybe Punk is like that but I don't know because I'm not in his inner circle, I don't know what went down with him and management, I don't know but I do think that it is 100% real.

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