Impact Wrestling Review: MVP/The Wolves In-Ring Debuts, Buy Or Sell The New 'Willow' Gimmick?

Impact Wrestling was presented from Manchester, England, and it started off with two big announcements. First, MVP announced the Samoa Joe would get his TNA World Heavyweight Title shot at Lockdown. Second, Gunner announced that he will cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase next week to compete for the world title against Magnus. Dixie Carter tried to stop Gunner again, but it led to a tag team "Winner Takes All" match between Gunner/Storm and Magnus/EC3. While the initial match was a single match between Gunner and EC3, outside interference caused the adjustment, and now we have two title matches set.

Gunner/Storm vs. Magnus/EC3
This match made sense while it was a singles match between Gunner and EC3, but the logic substantially lessened when it became a tag team match. So the winner takes all, which I am still having trouble understanding why Magnus or James Storm would want to be involved in this match. Wouldn't Storm be opposed to Gunner taking to World Heavyweight Championship briefcase because he would want it? Maybe the tag team title case, but I do not get why Storm was so excited about Gunner grabbing the cases. Wouldn't Storm want to get the cases? Obviously, the answer was yes, but shouldn't it have been a four way match? I just don't get it.

The Wolves/Samoa Joe vs. Bro Mans/Zema Ion
Good debut match for Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and it looked good seeing a six-man tag team of all former ROH World Champions. It certainly seemed as if there were a couple moments of miscommunication, but nothing severe. It also appears from the match that they will have to tone down their normal fast-pace style exhibited in ROH. Regardless, the Wolves are a good fit in TNA, and came in at the right time of a company upswing.

MVP vs. Rockstar Spud
Rockstar Spud was a good person to choose for an in-ring debut for MVP. Having him as the investor would be a better primary role for him, but infrequent appearances in the ring is a good idea. Although I am not a fan of Rockstar Spud, he does make a good annoying heel, and is very easy to dislike.

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