Steve Austin Talks Being Backstage At RAW, What Cena Wants, Rey's Rumble Booking, Daniel Bryan

Source: The Steve Austin Show

He talked about seeing Cameron, who was the first person eliminated on the season of Tough Enough that he hosted. He recalled telling her that she has a place in the business because she's intelligent and attractive, and he was right.

Austin noted that it was an "interesting atmosphere," and that some people are walking around on eggshells. He said that there's a high degree of professionalism, but people seem a little scared to take chances because WWE is the only game in town. He hopes that people start taking more chances "within reason," and if they don't have a character that works, to talk to Vince and try to come up with something different. He said that Vince is a businessman and will take the time to listen to people if they have a good idea.

Austin noted that he saw Daniel Bryan at the end, and said to keep pushing him and "do the right thing."

The show is - as always - a great listen. You can listen to the full episode here, Austin's comments about visiting RAW begin at the 16:25 mark. Just a note that it's on the "Unleashed!" version of the podcast, which contains some strong language.

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