Thanks to reader Luke Lyons for sending in this report for last night's TNA live event in Huntsville, Texas:

The event started out with a meet and greet that included EC3, The Bromans, Austin Aries and The Wolves. Gail Kim signed autographs before the show near the merchandise stand, with Dewey Barnes working the stand. Madison Rayne signed autographs at intermission. Samoa Joe, Magnus, Sabin and Anderson signed autographs and were available for photos for anyone that bought or won a backstage pass.

X Division Title Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin came out to a loud and large amounts of boos, while Aries came out to a great response from the crowd. Austin Aries chants broke out soon after the bell rang and often throughout the match, as did "Sabin Sucks" chants. A few arm drags and bumps later, the two started to run the ropes in opposite directions. Aries then hoped out of the ring and ran around it gathering cheers from the crowd, while Sabin kept running the ropes and a bit of comedy routine started before the action started back up. A few quick pin attempts by both ensued with Aries attempting a submission maneuver. Sabin bounced back with a tree-of-woe and a reversal of the brainbuster. Aries at some point to control of Sabin by bouncing from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, smashing Sabin's head into each top pad as the crowd counted to 10. However, Aries regained control with a spinning chop to the chest and then a roll-up into a bridged submission for the eventual tap by Sabin. Sabin exited the arena to "You tapped out!" chants, with Aries going around ringside to greet the fans. Overall a very good match to start, and Aries put on one of the more athletic performances of the night.

Winner: Austin Aries

Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim came out first to a large ovation, but that turned into boos quite quickly. Madison then cam out to a decent pop by the audience, but then Gail stifled this when she got on the mic and call the entire crowd a bunch of "losers." Madison took control early with a roll up from Gail's shoulders that after the kick out turned into Madison's patented repeated face slam to her opponent. Gail then took control of the match hitting Madison with a few large blows and throws into the corner, which was followed up by an impressive flip around the turnbuckle by Gail. Gail then pandered to the crowd receiving a lot of boos, with a "Gail's a Loser" chant breaking out. Eventually Madison hit Gail with a spear for the win and retain of the title.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Ethan Carter III vs. "Cowboy" James Storm

Once again the crowd was pretty hot and greeted EC3 with a ton of jeers. Cowboy came out to a large pop, tossed his hat to a guy in the front row, got on the mic and blasted EC3 before cornering him toward the turnbuckle while EC3's back was turned. This ended up with Cowboy pouring his beer on EC3's head and getting the crowd to start a "Perm" chant in response to EC3 saying that Cowboy messed his hair up. This is where the hilarity began to ensue. Storm went over to the infamous "Sign Guy," took his popcorn, jumped back in the ring, and poured the popcorn down EC3's trunks. EC3 then took control of the match with a few big blows. After a lot of exchange between the two, Storm goes for the superkick but the referee got in the way. Storm pulled back and did not connect with the kick. This lead to EC3 taking over and got the 3-count with a leveraged pin on the second rope.

Winner: EC3

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

This was the slowest match of the night, but Anderson got a large reaction from the crowd. The match began with Shaw attacking Anderson from behind and throwing him in to the stairs. JB then announced that the match would be a 2 out of 3 falls. Brian Hebner, the ref, refused to start the match for sometime while Anderson stayed motionless in the ring. Eventually, Shaw got the first pin with a one-finger cover on Anderson. Anderson then retaliated soon after getting back to his feet with a quick roll-up and 3 count for the second 3 count of the match. At this point it was all tied-up, and Shaw began to take control again. Shaw got massive heat from the crowd in terms of chants about Christy Hemme and one breaking out of "You're a Creeper." Anderson eventually ended it with a Mic-Check for the victory.

Winner: Mr. Anderson... Anderson

World Tag Team Title Match: The Bromans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) (c) vs. The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)

This was by far the most energetic, total non-stop action match of the night. The wolves got a huge pop and Jeremy Borash took DJ Zema Ion's spot with the "BUR, BUR, BUR, BURRRR." This match was a 5-star match from the beginning. Edwards started out for The Wolves and they took and early control of the match. Robbie E then got the tag to Jessie who did not fair much better. The Wolves took control of Jessie in their corner with a couple of quick tags and spots from the top rope onto the tie-up Godderz. Jessie and Robbie E finally got control of the match and were about to double suplex Richards, when Edwards came in caught Richards on the way down from the suplex that led to the Bromans being tossed from the ring. Jessie got a ton of heat at this point and Robbie E turned on him for a moment. A shoving match between the Bromans broke out with the eventual fist bump of forgiveness. A few blows were exchanged between the four competitors with the Bromans winding up outside once again. This led to an aerial assault from The Wolves who launched over the top rope and made contact with each of the Bromans on the way down. The crowd was pretty much on their feet for the entire match, and The Wolves responded well to the fans in attendance. The Bromans eventually got control again with a few submission holds, but The Wolves got the better of Jessie, went for the pin but the ref was then pulled out of the ring and Robbie E proceeded to go after Stiffler (the ref) until the bell was rung and a DQ put in the books. This match was amazing and all that I could write could never do the performance justice. The Bromans have gone from a joke of a tag team that was fun to see to real competitors with an impressive chemistry. The Wolves are going to be a force to be reckoned with and it won't be long until they are holding the World Tag Team Titles.

Winners: The Wolves by way of DQ, titles retained by The Bromans.

World Heavyweight Title STEEL CAGE Match: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (c)

The ring was in place with a 15-foot steel cage placed around it as Samoa Joe entered the arena to a huge amount of cheers followed by "Joe is Gonna Kill You" chants. Joe went directly to the ring, checked the cage and began to prepare for Magnus's entrance. Magnus came to the ring last, circled the ring, took a lot of heat being called a "paper champion," and even getting in one guys face after being called a "transitional champ." Magnus climbed in the ring and the introductions by JB were underway. The bout started with Magnus taking early control with many "Magnus Sucks" chants echoing throughout the arena. Magnus went for the quick escape over the top but Joe rallied back to take him down and gain control of the match. The rally was short-lived and Magnus then went for the escape once again. Joe tried to stop him, but Magnus kicked Joe, who then was stunned and staggered back. At this point Magnus went for the double axe-handle smash from the top turnbuckle and connected to Joe's skull on the way down. Magnus went for the double axe-handle again from the opposite corner after attempting to exit yet again, but Joe countered and got Magnus in a quick submission that did not last. Magnus yet again tried to escape over the top of the cage, but this time Joe stopped him, dropped him hard to the top turnbuckle, and followed through with a muscle buster. At this point EC3 came out to interfere with the match, the cage door was slammed in Joe's face and Magnus got out of the cage with a cowardly win.

Winner: Magnus

The crowd got hot at this point after Magnus was announced as the winner. EC3 and Magnus proceeded towards the back when MVP's music hit and he came out attacking EC3 with Joe making an effort towards Magnus, chasing him through the curtain to the back. MVP continued to assault EC3 in the ring as a "MVP" chant broke out. Eventually he hit the "Drive-By Kick" on EC3, laying him out cold in the middle of the ring. MVP grabbed the mic and said he told everyone he wasn't going to be an owner that just sits back, especially when IMPACT is only an hour from his home in Houston.

Overall, it was a great show and was 2 hours of non-stop fun. TNA as always gave back to the fans in attendance and the talent responded well to all the cheers and jeers from the crowd.

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