As of this afternoon, fans remain unable to order this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on DISH Network.

Several readers have stated that they have been receiving different responses when asking about ordering the show. One reader was told by a DISH Network customer representative that the only event available this Sunday is the UFC 170 replay. After being pressed for a better answer, they were placed on hold and then told that that Elimination Chamber WOULD be available this Sunday. She would not give a date as to when an order could be placed, just saying that they "were working on it." She again said that the event would be available this Sunday when the reader threatened to switch cable providers if they could not provide the event. The same reader called DISH last week about ordering the event, and was told that they would be able to order on February 20th.

Another reader noted that they have also been unable to order the PPV, but that they were also not able to order The Royal Rumble on DISH until the day before the event last month. still has DISH listed under their "how to watch pay-per-views" section. However, if you click the link for ordering details, you are taken to the DISH PPV page which does not have the event listed. As of this writing, the only event on DISH's "wrestling" page remains TNA Lockdown on Sunday, March 9th.

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