- USA Today has an article at this link about Daniel Bryan and the influence he's been having on mainstream sports. Michigan State football player Travis Jackson, who got the chant going at halftime of the Ohio State-Michigan State basketball game last month, noted that it was a surreal experience to have the entire crowd doing the chant. Stephanie McMahon also discussed the popularity of the chant.

"Throughout WWE's history our Superstars and their catchphrases have often become part of the pop-culture lexicon, and Daniel Bryan's 'Yes!' chant is the latest example of this phenomenon," said Stephanie. "WWE is all about having fun, bringing people together and making them smile, and the Yes! Movement accomplishes all of this at WWE events and beyond."

Bryan added that there may also be another reason as to why WWE fans are so vocal with the chant.

"I feel like a lot of fans would like to see me with the heavyweight championship," said Bryan. "That's part of the reason they chant so strongly, which is really cool. They have the ability effect change."

- WWE stock was down 1.11% today and closed at $23.24. The stock was already trading lower this morning before news came out of the negotiating period between WWE and NBC Universal ending without a deal.

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