- Georgia Smith, the sister of former WWE Superstar Harry Smith, mentioned on Twitter that Harry's house in Tampa was burglarized while he was out of town working. She wrote:

"Really feel awful to hear my brothers home was burglarised in Tampa while he was away wrestling. I hope he gets to the bottom of this"

- Former WWE Superstar Rosey, the brother of Roman Reigns, posted the following update on his health on Facebook:

"Hey everybody, just givin an update on me, I'm still in the hospital, The doctor said that my kidneys are healing up fairly quick and I don't have any bleeding internally. They put me on a new medication called Corzine that is better helping the rhythm of my heart. So they're doing pretty good getting me fixed up and I should be out of here by Thursday.

"Love you guys very much miss you all and thinking about Chipotle,, I mean y'all lol"

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