Above is the latest interview with Michael Cole and Triple H. Here are some highlights:

- Triple H called The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield "Armageddon," and he hopes that someone walks away from it on Sunday.

- Regarding the Elimination Chamber match, Triple H says Randy Orton's 0-5 Chamber record also makes him experienced. Orton has everything to lose, which makes him very dangerous.

- Triple H says John Cena is definitely a favorite to win as he's won several times before. Cena knows what it takes too win.

- A guy like Sheamus thrives in an environment like the Chamber.

- Christian, who has never been in a Chamber match, is dangerous because he's desperate, Triple H says. He said that Christian has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and he will do "anything" to win on Sunday.

- Triple H says Cesaro is suddenly on a different playing level and has the momentum to make him dangerous inside the Chamber.

- Triple H says Daniel Bryan isn't going into the Chamber 100%. He's an underdog and his fans love that about him. Triple H says the fans will have a lot to get behind Bryan on at the pay-per-view.

- Triple H wouldn't predict a winner but said they are willing to make the winner the face of WWE, even if it's not Randy Orton. When Cole asked, "anyone?", Triple H smirked, put his fingers in the air like Bryan and replied, "yes."

Next week's interview will discuss the WWE Network.

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