WWE NXT Recap: Adrian Neville Vs. Tyler Breeze, EMMA Vs. Summer Rae, Cesaro - Zayn Encounter

Young then asks if Zayn will be medically cleared by Arrival. He starts to answer, and Cesaro says Zayn will never be 100 percent cleared. He says Zayn has an Achilles' knee. Zayn says his knee is fine and the doctors have cleared him. Cesaro says there is a difference between being cleared and being ready for a match.

Young asks if Zayn thinks the fact that their match will be four days after the Elimination Chamber will give him an edge. Zayn starts to answer, and Cesaro says he's trained his whole life for an opportunity like the Elimination Chamber. Zayn asks if Cesaro thinks he doesn't see what he's doing, cutting him off and dismissing him. He stands up and gets closer to Cesaro. Renee Young gets up and leaves.

He says that he and Cesaro are past personal. The only thing that's personal is that it's professional. He takes his profession personally, and this match against Cesaro is standing in the way of him advancing his career. Cesaro stands up and starts to talk, but Zayn tells him he has nothing he wants to hear. After Arrival, he will have nothing left to say at all. Cesaro walks off.

Back from commercial and Emma is asked how challenging it was to beat Summer with the BFFs at ringside. She says what, and asks if the person that asked the question said something about her sign. She says it's awesome, and holds it up. (It says Summer Teeth, Sum'er Yellow, Sum'er Green) Emma throws the sign behind her, and she says that she is excited for her match against Paige at Arrival. She has some things to say to Paige, and she is going to say them face to face next week.

Adrian Neville vs. Tyler Breeze

They circle around each other and tie up. Neville backs Breeze to the corner. The ref backs Neville up. Breeze hits shots to the head and kicks Neville in the corner. He hits Neville with a dropkick in the corner. Breeze checks his face on his phone and then punches Neville on the mat. He drives his knee into Neville's face in the corner. Breeze goes for a kick, but Neville grabs his leg and hits kicks of his own. He slams Breeze face first into the corner. Neville lands a huge back body drop. He kicks Breeze in the chest. Breeze lands a running uppercut in the corner. Breeze trips Neville through the ropes to the apron. He springboards off and goes for a dropkick, but Neville ducks and Breeze crashes to the mat. Breeze ends up on the apron, and Neville kicks him out to the floor. Neville takes him out with a dive as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Neville hits a missile dropkick. Neville lands a big powerbomb. He goes to the apron. Breeze charges and Neville strikes him. Neville leaps onto the ropes for a springboard something, and Breeze dropkicks nothing and hits the mat. Neville drops down back in the ring and charges at Breeze, and Breeze lands a super kick. Breeze goes for a spinning heel kick, and Neville ducks. Neville hits an enziguri. He lands another one on Breeze in the corner. Neville goes up top and hits the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Neville picks up the mic and starts to speak, but Bo Dallas interrupts him and comes down to the ring. Bo picks up a mic and says he thinks it's impressive how far Neville has come since joining NXT. He's going to be facing him for the NXT Championship, and that's huge. He says Neville has been climbing the ladder of success. Bo says he thinks Neville has gone as far as he can, because he has no intention of losing at Arrival.

Neville says that for the longest time he couldn't figure out what Bo's problem is with him. At first, he though Bo hated him. Bo says no and that he thinks he's a good kid. Neville says he realized that Bo is scared of him. He's scared because at Arrival he is going to beat him and leave the arena the NXT Champion. He can see Bo smiling, but his eyes don't smile. He knows Bo wants to hit him. Neville says he'll let Bo hit him, one shot, open season.

Bo puts his mic down and takes off his suit jacket and title belt. He stares angrily at Neville and then leaves the ring. They stare each other down to end the show.

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