Sheamus Talks His Recovery From Surgery, Triple H, Elimination Chamber, Shield Vs. Wyatts, Network

Source: Chad Dukes Wrestling

"I have an Xbox 360 at home and I'm not the greatest gamer, I'll play a game here or two but fella, I use that thing for everything. For HBO Go, for Hulu, for Netflix, that's the way TV's going.  It's gonna be a massive massive success I feel."

The Shield vs. Wyatts Match and the talents involved:

"First of all the Shield, being a great fantastic unit, and you've got three fantastic individuals.  You've got Seth Rollins, very creative, very athletic type of guy.  Very Creative.  You've got Dean Ambrose, really really cool character, real quirky, and just a great throwback.  You know what I mean, the Roddy Piper, I know people compare him to Roddy all the time.  A great character.  And you've got Roman Reigns who has the look, he's jacked, he's atheletic, he's powerful.  So you've got a great combination in the Shield that work so well together.

"And of course you've got the Wyatts, who are more of a unit themselves together, you know what I mean. But they're all just great phenomenal characters. I mean the promos that Bray cuts and just the creepy Rowan guy, who by the way is not my dad, he is not my father, and Luke Harper, who I've been in the ring with as well, who's aggressive as you can get, he may as well be European.  It's just a great unit, a great match.  People wanna see that match as much as the Chamber."

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