TNA Impact Recap With Video: Magnus Defends Against Gunner, Rayne Vs. Kim Street Fight, More

Then, Christy Hemme is shown talking to a backstage worker. She leaves, and Samuel Shaw locks the worker in a headlock from behind. He tosses him headfirst into a steel door as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bobby Roode is talking backstage with James Storm about his career and how sometimes it feels like the business slaps you in the face. He's never felt like there were very many people he could trust, and eventually he was alone because he kept pushing himself away. It's getting to be too much. Storm asks what he is saying. Roode says they have a hell of a history, and the bad stuff was on him. He says that Beer Money was special; you can't create stuff like that all the time. He knows that looking back at the end of the day, Storm was the only man he could ever trust.

Storm tells him not to do what he thinks he is going to do. He tells Roode to slap the business back in the face. That's how the business goes. It's dog eat dog, and they knew it coming in. They're the only people responsible for their actions, no one else. Roode hugs Storm and then leaves.

Then, Austin Aries walks into MVP's office. MVP asks him to be on his Lethal Lockdown team. Aries asks what's in it for him. MVP says that he can make positive changes if they win. Aries asks for MVP's word, because a lot of people have wronged him in the past. Aries says he is going to give it some serious thought before he gives his answer. He leaves.

Then, footage is shown of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim fighting backstage, with people trying to pull them apart.

Street Fight
Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim (with Lei'D Tapa)

Rayne rushes Kim on the ramp and attacks her with a sheet pan. Things head into the ring, and Rayne dropkicks the pan into Kim's face. She sets the pan up in the ropes in the corner and tosses Kim towards it. Kim stops herself from hitting it, and picks up a kendo stick. She chokes Rayne with it. Kim rams into Rayne with the stick and tosses it away. She tries to lock in a leg submission, but Rayne kicks her away into the pan in the corner. Rayne kicks Kim out of the ring. Rayne jumps on Tapa. Kim gets kicked in the face as Tapa spins Rayne around. Tapa rams Rayne into the apron.

Kim locks in the figure four around the ring post. She breaks the hold. Kim grabs a chair and goes to hit Rayne's leg, but Rayne moves. She kicks the chair into Kim's face. Rayne sends Kim back into the ring. She spears Kim, and Tapa gets into the ring. Rayne attacks Tapa with the sheet pan and the kendo stick. Kim attacks Rayne from behind and pins her for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Back from commercial and Christy Hemme is shown talking to Mr. Anderson backstage. Samuel Shaw stares on angrily.

Then, Gunner is shown backstage. James Storm asks to talk to him, and they enter a room.

Back from commercial and Ethan Carter is asked backstage about his comments about ending Kurt Angle's career. Carter talks about how great Angle has been in his career, but he'll allow Angle to break the news next week.

Then, Gunner and James Storm are shown talking backstage. Storm asks Gunner if he's ready and talks about how much of an opportunity it is. He tells Gunner he has to think for himself. Storm says there is no feeling like holding the championship, and tells him to seize the moment. Gunner gives Storm the tag team Feast or Fired briefcase.

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