TNA Impact Recap With Video: Magnus Defends Against Gunner, Rayne Vs. Kim Street Fight, More

Magnus Rules (no DQ, no count out) TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Magnus (c) vs. Gunner

Magnus gets out of the ring and circles the ring. He gets back inside. Gunner locks in a waist lock. He locks in Magnus's arm and wrenches it around. Magnus reverses into a wristlock of his own. He locks Gunner in a side headlock and takes him to the mat. Gunner gets to his feet, but Magnus keeps his head locked in. He takes Gunner back to the mat. Gunner gets to his feet, and Magnus hits a shoulder tackle. Gunner comes back with a clothesline. He hits Magnus with a back elbow. Gunner strikes Magnus in the corner. He charges, but Magnus puts a boot up. He knees Gunner in the back and sends him from the ring.

Magnus calls from help from the back, but the Wolves and James Storm walk out to make sure no one interferes as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Gunner lands a Suplex. Magnus trips Gunner to the mat and locks in a camel clutch. Gunner gets out and backs Magnus into the corner. Magnus locks in a sleeper. Gunner fights out and slams Magnus back first to the mat. They exchange strikes. Magnus hits a big knee to the stomach.

Magnus body slams Gunner. He goes up top. He leaps off and drops an elbow on Gunner. Magnus exits the ring and grabs the title belt. He brings it into the ring. Magnus tries to hits Gunner with it, but Gunner ducks. Gunner picks Magnus up on his shoulder, but Magnus wiggles off. They both go for a crossbody at the same time. Ethan Carter and the BroMans enter the ring. The Wolves and James Storm fight them up the ramp. Back in the ring, Gunner powerbombs Magnus. Gunner goes up top. He hits Magnus with a diving headbutt and goes for the pin, but Rockstar Spud puts Magnus's foot on the ropes. Gunner chases Spud around the ring and across it. Magnus hits Gunner with the title belt off the distraction and goes for the pin, but Gunner kicks out.

Storm comes back out to ringside. Magnus tries to slam Gunner into the turnbuckle, but Gunner stops him. He charges and collides with Magnus in the corner. Gunner hits a vertical Suplex. Gunner slams Magnus to the mat and goes up top. Spud gets in the ring and yells at Gunner. Storm gets inside and tosses him out of the ring. Gunner leaps off, and Storm hits Gunner with the Last Call in midair. Magnus pins Gunner for the win.

Winner and still champion: Magnus

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