WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Sheamus Vs. Christian, Daniel Bryan Vs. Jack Swagger, More

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

Kane leaves, and Cesaro gets back in the ring. He hits Bryan with the Neutralizer.

Then, Renee Young is backstage with Christian. She asks about Christian's attitude on Monday and if it will help him against Sheamus tonight. Christian points out he said he was desperate since he came back. He says that if he wants one more match, he has to do it himself. Desperation equals dangerous, and Sheamus is going to find that out. He is going to become the new champ and headline WrestleMania if it's the last thing he does in the WWE.

Back from commercial and the Bella Twins explain how to use the WWE Network. Then, the Wyatt Family makes their entrance. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about how the Shield will fall like dominos. They plead for people to believe in them, but how will people be able to believe in them when they are crawling on their hands and knees looking up at the eater of worlds? Follow the buzzards.

The Wyatt Family vs. Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust

Harper and Mysterio start off. Harper clubs Mysterio in the back. He steps on Mysterio's head. Harper shoves Mysterio. Cody tags in. They double dropkick Harper. Harper hits Cody with a big uppercut. Cody comes back with a leaping clothesline. Harper stomps Cody in the midsection. He hits Cody in the face. Rowan tags in. He kicks Cody in the corner and clubs his back. Rowan lands a headbutt. He goes for a body slam, but Cody gets out and kicks Rowan in the knee. Goldust tags in. He strikes Rowan in the face, and then lands strikes in the corner. Goldust leaps at Rowan for a crossbody. Rowan catches him and hits a fall away slam.

Bray tags in. He hits Goldust with a big clothesline as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Harper does his gator death roll on Goldust. He keeps Goldust's head locked in. Goldust gets to his feet. He attacks Rowan and Bray on the apron. Cody tags in. He kicks Harper in the stomach. Cody goes up top and hits Harper with a moonsault. Mysterio tags himself in. Harper ends up outside. Mysterio takes him out by sliding through the ropes. He hurricanranas Harper into the apron and sends him back inside. Mysterio gets Harper in 619 position, but Harper pops up and clotheslines Mysterio as he's running.

Bray tags in. He attacks Mysterio in his corner. Rowan tags in. He body slams Mysterio and then hits him in the mid section. Rowan locks in a bear hug and rag dolls Mysterio around. Mysterio fights out with elbows to the head, but Rowan lands a sidewalk slam. Harper tags in. He stomps on Mysterio and drops an elbow. Harper hits an uppercut. He rakes Mysterio's face in the corner and then slams him to the mat. Bray tags in. He power whips Mysterio into the corner and hits a body avalanche. Bray goes for another, and Mysterio drop toe holds Bray into the corner. Bray crawls to his corner and tags in Rowan. Mysterio escapes away and tags in Goldust.

Goldust lands an inverted atomic drop and a spine buster. Goldust goes up top and leaps off with a crossbody. Bray tries to get involved, and Goldust sends him outside. Mysterio hits Rowan with 619. Goldust lands a powerslam. Harper pulls Goldust outside during the pin attempt. Mysterio attacks Harper, but Harper slams him into the barrier. Cody attacks Harper and takes him out.

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