WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Sheamus Vs. Christian, Daniel Bryan Vs. Jack Swagger, More

Rowan and Goldust are in the ring. Bray makes the tag, unbeknownst to Goldust. Bray hits an elbow while Goldust is trying to attack Rowan. Bray lands Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Then, Byron Saxton is backstage with Sheamus. He asks Sheamus about his thoughts on Christian. Sheamus says Christian is dangerous, and he couldn't be happier. He wants a knock down, drag out scrap. He accidentally Brogue kicked Christian last week, but this week it won't be an accident.

Back from commercial and Santino Marella and Emma come down to the ring for a dance off pitting Emma against Summer Rae. Emma wins. Summer tries to attack her after the match, and Emma tosses her outside. Fandango attacks Santino. He starts dancing in front of Emma, and Emma shoves him backwards and kicks him through the ropes.

Then, Ron Simmons's Black History Month video is shown.

Back from commercial and another Alexander Rusev video is shown.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil

Darren Young is on commentary for this match. Ziggler locks in a waist lock. He hits Titus with a dropkick. Titus comes back with a backbreaker. He tosses Ziggler behind him. Titus weaves Ziggler in the ropes and yells at Young. He stomps Ziggler in the mid section and pulls his arm. Titus locks in Ziggler's head from behind. Ziggler fights out. Titus charges Ziggler in the corner, and Ziggler moves. He hits Titus with punches to the head. Ziggler lands multiple mounted punches in the corner. He hits Titus with a neckbreaker and goes for the famouser, but Titus moves. Titus lands a big boot. Young gets up from commentary and stands up on the announce table blowing Titus's whistle. Ziggler rolls Titus up off the distraction for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Back from commercial and the Usos make their entrance.

Road Dogg (with Billy Gunn) vs. Jimmy Uso (with Jey Uso)

They tie up. Uso backs James to the corner. James battles out with strikes. He locks in Uso's head from behind. He attacks Uso in the corner. James hits a snap mare. He locks Uso's head back in. Uso fights out and lands a Samoan drop. Uso kicks James in the stomach. James fights back with shots to the face, but Uso plants James on the mat. He goes for the running corner hip attack, but James slides outside. He gets back inside and goes for a pump handle slam, but Uso slips out and hits a Superkick for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Then, a promo for Elimination Chamber is shown.

Sheamus vs. Christian

They circle each other. Sheamus backs Christian into the corner. The ref breaks them up. They circle again and lock up. Sheamus backs Christian to the corner again. They stare each other down. Christian lands several shots to the face. Sheamus clubs him in the back. He hits Christian with body shots in the corner. Sheamus charges, and Christian pulls the ropes down. Sheamus crashes outside. Christian goes for a sliding kick, but Sheamus moves. Sheamus slams Christian to the floor as things go to commercial.

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