Source: F4WOnline

- Kevin Nash, who reigned over WWE as Champion in the mid-1990s, may finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

With Scott Hall being under consideration to join the Hall this year, many people within the company believe that an induction for the former Razor Ramon would make Nash a lock to be enshrined in 2014.

Nash publicly stated in the past that the WWE Hall of Fame "means nothing" to him. He remarked two years ago on Twitter, "HOF means nothing to me,If I Die before it I,ve asked my wife to pass.Nothing against it or WWE,but if Pete Rose ain't in cooperstown

"Just don't need it to validate my life.I wake every morning to the sight of the ocean. for a Detroit boy I'm already in

"I watched it this year from up close,just don't need the stress,I love the WWE,just love me more.90% of my shout outs are gone.Not cool."

- According to, Vince McMahon vowed to some talent that he would not sleep at all during WrestleMania week in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The WWE head does not like to sleep. He remarked on the subject two years ago during an interview with, "I average about four hours of sleep. I don't like to sleep. I'm missing something when I'm sleeping. From a personal standpoint, I'm aggressive by nature and I'm truculent by nature. So I need to have a socially acceptable outlet for that. That would be bodybuilding. I enjoy that. It's a challenge to be stronger. I get a lot of enjoyment by training. Nutrition goes with it. I train for my head—not my body. The ancillary benefits are that I'm healthy as a horse. It really does clear my head. It's an opportunity to wash anything from my head, business-wise or personal. That's my moment when I can get into a zone."

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