Diamond Dallas Page revealed on last night's episode of Shark Tank on ABC that his DDPYoga company profited $800,000 after paying himself and his staff. Page was turned down by the hosts of the show after pitching DDPYoga to them.

Page wanted $200,000 to develop a DDPYoga app, in exchange for 5% interest in the company. The investors turned him down because they believe the business will decline.

DDP tweeted about the experience and posted a new hype video for the DDPYoga app, which is above. He wrote:

"While they didnt invest in us, it's not 2late to invest in yourself #DDPYOGA #SharkTank #OWNYOURLIFE @ABCSharkTank buff.ly/OlcelF"

"BIG THANKS to @scalearc and @rackspace for making our Shark Tank appearance a HUGE success - our website handled the onslaught nicely"

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