Views From The Turnbuckle: Elimination Chamber Review; WWE Finally Finds Success

Views From The Turnbuckle: Elimination Chamber Review; WWE Finally Finds Success Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
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WWE had been in a drought for a long time, going as far bas as Summerslam. Month after month, WWE had consistently put out lackluster PPVs. No matter what the matches were, who was contending for the title, or what type of event it was going to be, WWE kept leaving fans disappointed. Elimination Chamber was far from perfect, but it was at least good enough to end this pitiful streak WWE had been on.

Elimination Chamber Match for WWE WHC: Randy Orton vs Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs John Cena vs Christian- ***3/4 (3.75 stars)

The Elimination Chamber started off as an exciting affair, only for it to fizzle out at the end. Having all six men competing in the chamber at once was a refreshing change from previous chamber matches, and for the most part, all the men put on a good show.

Christian really upped his game tonight as a heel. Previously, Christian was making his return from injury for the umpteenth time. Instead of just coming back as the veteran face like he had previously, Christian has quickly turned heel and really established himself as a possible main event wrestler down the road. These last few years, it has been easy to forget just how good Christian is at playing a filthy scumbag. Tonight, he took a major step in the right direction, and dare I say that he was the best heel in that match?

When the match came down to Cena, Orton and Bryan, we quickly saw the materialization of three big Wrestlemania matches. Cena was attacked by the Wyatts once again, for an unexplained-for-now reason. Cena vs Bray Wyatt is pretty much a go at this point, so it will be interesting to see if SuperCena actually does the job on the biggest show of the year.

When Kane entered the chamber, the result of the match was revealed. Kane screwed Bryan once again and Orton locked himself into a spot at Wrestlemania. The question still remains whether Bryan will face Kane at Wrestlemania, or Triple H. Bryan has really been feuding with Kane over the last month or so, and Triple H has remained distant from Bryan since the calendar turned, but there is still the idea that HHH has to have a match at Wrestlemania, and who else would he wrestle besides Bryan? Honestly, both matches would be a major step down for Bryan, who deserves nothing less than the main event spot on the show, but as WWE has told us over the last six months, that just isn't in the plans.

Orton will face Batista at Wrestlemania, in the main event, for the world title. At the current rate, the main event to Wrestlemania XXX is on pace to become the worst-received main event of all-time. Orton as a champion, despite his best efforts, has been booked as a very poor and weak world champion, and tonight didn't help him at all. And let's not even talk about that horrific turd that is Batista…

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio- * (1 star)

Since it would look weird if this match wasn't mentioned in the article, it has to be talked about. The only thing that really needs to be said is that no matter how hard WWE tries, Batista will never be over as a face by the time Wrestlemania rolls around. ADR basically did everything possible to get heat from the crowd, but they just kept right on cheering. Del Rio, who had never gotten a face pop throughout his entire career in WWE, had them rocking in the aisles tonight.

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