Views From The Turnbuckle: Elimination Chamber Review; WWE Finally Finds Success

The problem is that fans are not just turning up their noses at Batista in one place. This isn't the post-Wrestlemania Raw or Madison Square Garden, where unordinary crowd reactions are known to happen, this is something that happens at every event WWE holds. It isn't going to go away any time soon, no matter how much WWE would like to think. If WWE wanted a main event that would get the fans to root for the face and to boo the heel, they have Bryan vs Batista in the main event. The fans LOVE Bryan and they also HATE Batista. This seems like the easy thing to do, but right now, nothing seems to be easy for WWE.

Divs Title: AJ Lee vs Cameron- DUD (0 stars)

Naomi received a botched knee drop from Aksana and just like that, one of the more meaningful Diva's matches in a while was off the card. In its place, we got Naomi's less talented partner Cameron, who for no real reason received a title shot tonight. Cameron botched her way around the ring for three minutes, and then Tamina ran got AJ disqualified by kicking AJ in the face (not a typo, that is somehow what really happened). Snore.

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield- ****1/4 (4.25 stars)

The Wyatt family and The Shield brought something to WWE tonight that they really haven't really had in a while. Two stables that were actually cool. The Shield were cool, and The Wyatt's were cool and everything in the match was just awesome. The crowd was really into the match, split essentially right down the middle, and for once, it felt like a match that could have taken place in 1999 and not 2014. It was the best match WWE has had since Daniel Bryan vs John Cena at Summerslam, and it isn't even close.

There were not a lot of technical holds and chain wrestling moves in this match. No, instead this match felt like just a straight fight between two groups that REALLY didn't like each other. The big winner in the match was Luke Harper, who showed some and reminded others, that he is a plus worker, even when held to the same standard as smaller wrestlers. It looks like The Wyatt's are going to be involved with Cena in the future, which is disappointing because of how great a rematch would be at Wrestlemania, but at least WWE hit a homerun on it tonight.

Titus O'Neil vs Darren Young- * (1 star)

Simplest match on the night, one where as soon as the bell rang, you knew Darren Young didn't stand a chance. O'Neil will hopefully receive a big push upwards after this, since he seems to have all the conceivable tools that WWE would want in a star. The bad news is that Darren Young, who is an underrated worker, will probably be regulated to jobber status, just like JTG was when he broke up with Shad.

WWE Tag Team Championships: New Age Outlaws vs The Usos- ** (2 stars)

It seemed obvious that the Usos would capture the tag titles tonight, but it looks like WWE is holding off on that decision, probably for either Wrestlemania, or tomorrow night on Raw. The match itself was just okay and fairly short. The Outlaws are still really solid as a heel tag team for now, and they are making the right move in having them milk that for as long as possible, making the Uso's eventual title victory more meaningful.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E vs Jack Swagger- ***1/4 (3.25 stars)

Going into this match, some fans actually believed that Swagger could win the IC title, which made this Big E's most meaningful title defense yet. What looked like a potential bomb on paper actually turned into a pretty solid wrestling match, and a great kick start to the show in general. Swagger, for all of his faults, is a good worker, and him and Big E clicked nicely and put on a really good show, with Big E going over with the power game. This was a nice win for Big E, and it would be even better if he goes up a rung for Wrestlemania by defeating a former world champion (like Christian) with his title on the line.

To reiterate, Elimination Chamber was not a great show, and it wasn't even very good. Elimination Chamber was simply slightly above average, which going by recent standards, is a very significant success for WWE. The Wrestlemania picture is decisively less foggy then it had been previously, but with a huge Raw set for tomorrow and Wrestlemania still over a month away, it is an exciting time for WWE.

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