There have been a lot of connectivity issues this morning for fans trying to sign up for the WWE Network. As of this writing, fans have noted that the site is really slow or doesn't load at all. I personally received a "Webpage not found" error after filling out the registration form.

Some users that have been able to sign up have complained about streaming issues. reader @armyag3 wrote that they signed up for the Network a few minutes before 9am ET, then they started to watch Deadly Games and "then got the boot and can't get back into it."

Reader @Kadium wrote: "I am on the Network and Summerslam 2003 froze after 3 minutes or so...:( I had to unplug my Roku and update it again before I coud get on. BUT now that I am on it is running so slow..."

WWE acknowledged these issues and posted on their Twitter and Facebook, writing:

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