Jeff Jarrett release his latest "It's Coming" video, which you can check out above.

In the video, Jarrett talks about founding TNA with his father in 2002, and called it a great ride. He said he resigned from TNA because it was time to move on, and that he needed a change in his life. He noted that leaving wasn't a tough decision, and Karen Jarrett said that you have to move on if you're not happy.

Jarrett said that he couldn't be more excited about his future. He said that wrestling companies have to know their fanbase, and Toby Keith told him the importance of knowing your fanbase. He said that they will be listening to their fanbase, and asked fans to have patience. He will be happy to make his announcement when the time is right, and he feels that the vision that he wants to execute will be catered directly to wrestling fans.

He called the wrestling fans of today "very educated," and that they know what they like and dislike. He's trying to do his best to listen to the fans, and said that the countdown is on and "it's coming."

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