David Bixenspan and Chris "Mookie" Harrington, who regularly publishes in-depth WWE statistics, has an interesting look at WWE Network sign-up estimations from launch day at this link.

From 8am until 4pm EST, WWE was including order numbers with their confirmation e-mails. Based on these sequential numbers that were collected from fans on social media, Harrington estimates that between 8am and 4pm EST, there were more than 130,000 sign-ups. Some time just after 4pm, WWE stopped putting the numbers in the e-mails. There's no way to estimate how evening traffic and RAW boosted sign-ups.

Harrington notes that if we pretend there was no change in order momentum after 4pm EST, the data could suggest that day one of the Network ended with a little over 251,000 sign-ups, plus however many signed up before 8:15am EST. The data could also suggest 439,186 sign-ups but Harrington believes that's being way too generous.

Harrington's educated guess was that the Network did between 250,000 and 350,000 sign-ups on day one. As we've noted before, WWE revealed that they need 1 million subscribers to break even.

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