WWE Main Event Recap With Video: 10 Man Tag Match, Sandow Vs. Sin Cara, Divas Tag, More

Winners: Alicia Fox and Aksana

Back from commercial and the RAW Rebound is shown. It focuses on the encounter between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker from RAW.

Then, Bad News Barrett rises up on his podium. He cuts a promo about Spring Break.

Next, the ending to Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio from RAW is recapped, including the encounter between Randy Orton and Batista.

Back from commercial and footage from an interview between JBL and Michael Cole is shown where they're talking about NXT Arrival.

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Young attacks Titus with strikes around the ring. Titus tosses Young to the mat and drops an elbow. Young comes back with more strikes. Young goes for a pin attempt, but Titus tosses him into the corner. Young kicks Titus and goes up top. Titus hits a boot to the face that knocks Young off. He throws Young into the turnbuckles. Titus drops a leg on Young. He locks in Young's head. Young gets out, but Titus keeps up the offense. Titus lands a big clothesline. He locks Young's arm and head in again. Young gets to his feet, but Titus lands a big strike. He slaps Young's chest in the corner and hits a body avalanche. He kicks Young in the corner and drives his knee into Young's throat. Titus slaps Young's chest again. He picks Young up on his shoulders. Young wriggles off and pins Titus quickly for the win.

Winner: Darren Young

Back from commercial and Sin Cara makes his entrance.

Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

The two lock up. Sandow backs Cara to the corner. He strikes Cara to the mat and stomps on him. Sandow lands more strikes and screams you're welcome. He hits Cara with a vertical Suplex and then locks in his head from behind. Cara fights out and goes for a springboard crossbody, but Sandow moves. Sandow hangs Cara's head over the apron and elbows it. He knees Cara in the mid section repeatedly and hits his somersault Russian leg sweep. Sandow drops an elbow on Cara and locks in his head and arm.

Cara fights out, but Sandow shoves him back first to the mat. He drops a knee on Cara's head. Sandow sets Cara up top. Cara hits Sandow in the head and lands a tornado DDT. He hurricanranas Sandow and then goes up top. Cara leaps off and connects with his feet to Sandow's head. Cara hits a springboard back elbow. Sandow comes back by driving Cara back first to the mat. Cara powerbombs Sandow. He goes up top. Sandow gets up and knocks Cara off. He locks Cara in a leg submission. Cara kicks out of it. Sandow clubs him in the back and kicks him to the apron. Cara kicks Sandow in the face, goes up top, and hits his high angle senton bomb for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

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