- Dolph Ziggler is featured in the latest WWE Inbox, as seen above. In the episode, Ziggler said that if he could join any WWE faction in history, it would have been the Four Horsemen, even if just for a couple of months.

"Those guys showed everything. They were great wrestlers, they were great iconic beings," said Ziggler. "They partied, they lived the life, they talked on the mic, they ran the show and everybody had all eyes on them and for good reason. They were the best."

- Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper will be appearing together for a Q&A at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday, March 23rd. The Q&A begins at 11:11am and will moderated by "Mean" Gene Okerlund.

- The new WWE NXT theme song is now available on iTunes at this link. It is titled, "Roar of the Crowd." It was done by rapper CFO$, who has done a number of WWE theme songs lately. Alexander Rusev's new theme song is also on iTunes at this link and was done by CFO$. His theme is titled, "Roar of the Lion."

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