Views From The Turnbuckle: The 'Hijacking' Of WWE And What It Means For Wrestlemania

Personally, I think fans are full within their rights to protest the product by producing mocking and satirical chants towards the ring. The fans that go to events paid their own money, money that lines the pockets of everyone associated with WWE, to sit in those seats, and they should be free to say whatever they want while they are there. The same goes for having signs at wrestling events. As long as the sign does not say anything vulgar or offensive, then fans should be allowed to hold them up in front of the cameras. If someone has a sign that says "F*** you Cena", then obviously that should be taken away, but if someone has a sign that says "Less talk, more wrestling", then they should really be allowed to keep it.

One thing I will say against the vocal crowds is that they sometimes direct their hate towards the wrong people. If the fans chant "CM Punk" or "Daniel Bryan" towards Triple H or even Batista, then it is okay, because those guys, according to reports, had a hand in undermining Punk and Bryan. What I don't like is when fans do that kind of stuff during "boring" matches like if Kofi Kingston is wrestling Curtis Axel. While admittedly, it is unlikely to be the most exciting affair, guys like Axel and Kingston are really just doing whatever creative and management tell them to do. Those guys are out there busting their asses, and I would like the fans to at least show a little bit of respect for that.

WWE has already taken notice of this growing influence in the crowd, and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. People are continuing to read wrestling news sites and an expanding rate. is currently receiving its highest amount of readership in it's near two-decade history. With a Chicago show coming up, and Wrestlemania nearing, it is only going to get louder for WWE, so they better come out swinging or else they will strike out.

Lastly, I would like to announce that I will be adding a new feature to the end of VFTT. I will be adding a "Power 10" ranking of the 10 best wrestlers in the world, right now. Similar to PWI's Top 10, it will be based partly in kayfabe (so championships matter) and on just overall match quality and performance. Here is the this weeks Power 10:

1.Kazuchika Okada, New Japan Pro Wrestling
2.Randy Orton, World Wrestling Entertainment
3.Magnus, TNA
4.Akebono, All-Japan Pro Wrestling
5.Hiroshi Tanahashi, New Japan Pro Wrestling
6.Daniel Bryan, World Wrestling Entertainment
7.El Texano Jr., Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
8.Adam Cole, US Independents
9.Samoa Joe, TNA
10.Yuji Nagata, Pro Wrestling NOAH

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