'WWE NXT Arrival' Results - New Champion Crowned, Former WWE Tag Champs Return, More

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- The WWE NXT Arrival Kickoff pre-show starts with Renee Young, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman and Kevin Nash. We're live outside of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The NXT Universe is hype tonight. Bret says he's honored to be here tonight. Nash says he skipped his wife's birthday today so he could be a part of something special. Heyman jokes and has Renee re-introduce him as the greatest manager of all-time. Renee plugs social media and the hashtag for tonight is #NXTArrival. We go to a NXT video package.

- Renee asks what NXT means to Heyman. Heyman says it's the future. The next RAW Superstar, the next WrestleMania main eventer will come through the doors of NXT. We cut to a video package on the WWE Performance Center. We come back to the panel. Nash jokes about how the Performance Center would have helped his career, making him the #1 aerial wrestler ever. Bret talked about coming from Stu Hart's Dungeon and how everything comes together at the Performance Center. Heyman talks about always looking for the next Paul Heyman Guy and how he has a whole locker room full of talents at NXT. We get a video looking at some of the WWE Superstars who have come through NXT.

- We come back to the panel and the crowd outside is really hot tonight. Nash talks about comparisons between the nWo and The Shield - incredible tenacity and teamwork. Nash predicts each member of The Shield will have incredible singles careers. Bret says The Shield's strongest card is their unpredictability. Renee gives props to the NXT fans who pack each set of tapings and attend the live events. Heyman is down with some of the fans and a mic. He talks to one fan with a Heyman t-shirt on. Heyman lets the guy take a selfie with him. Another fan says she's here to see all the matches, just like the first guy. Heyman says NXT has truly arrived and sends it back to Renee. She talks about tonight's top matches.

- Heyman talks about how solid the NXT Divas division is. We see footage from earlier today where Natalya had a talk with Emma in the ring about the match against Paige. Natalya tells her to enjoy this because these are the moments of her life. They hug and Emma gets emotional. Bret talks about the respect he has for Paige. We see footage from earlier today of Tensai interviewing Paige. Paige says the title represents strength and dominance. Paige talks about Emma goofing around on RAW and SmackDown and says she can't handle this. Renee reveals that The Ascension will defend their titles tonight but we don't know who their opponents are yet. Nash talks about what makes The Ascension strong. Nash says they are the future, the total package. We talk about the main event next.

- The panel talks about what it's like winning a major title for the first time. We see Alex Riley talking to Bo Dallas earlier. Bret predicts Adrian Neville win and talks about how cocky Bo is. Nash brings up a cocky friend of his, Shawn Michaels, and predicts Bo will retain. We go to General Manager JBL, who announces Cesaro vs. Zayn will kick off the show. We go to a promo video.

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