'WWE NXT Arrival' Results - New Champion Crowned, Former WWE Tag Champs Return, More

Bo sends Neville into the steel steps. Bo works Neville over on the floor and slams him into the apron. Bo brings another ladder and charges but Neville ducks and the ladder slides into the ring. Neville backdrops Bo on the ramp. Neville goes back in the ring and climbs for the title. Bo launches a ladder into him and Neville falls to the mat. Neville then sends Dallas tumbling from a ladder. They struggle for a ladder and Bo rams Neville back into the corner with it. Bo wedges a ladder into the corenr and tries to catapult Neville under it. Neville gets to his feet and nails a DDT out of the corner. Neville climbs up again but Bo pushes him off. They struggle again, bump heads and a ladder falls on Neville.

Bo with right hands in the corner and a clothesline. Bo gets sent head first into the turnbuckle. Neville climbs for the title but Bo meets him at the top and they trade shots. Bo pulls Neville into the ladder and they both fall off. Bo tosses Neville to the apron. Neville kicks Bo in the head and he goes down. Neville leaps onto the ladder and goes for the title but Bo jumps on his back and stops him. Bo tries to German suplex Neville from the ladder but he hangs on. Bo grabs him for a powerbomb. Bo sends Neville flying into the wedged ladder in the corner. Neville slams Bo on top of a ladder. Neville with a big 450 on top of Bo. Bo rolls out to the floor while Neville climbs for the title. Neville retrieves the title for the win.

Winner and New NXT Champion: Adrian Neville

- After the match, Neville celebrates with the title. We see John Cena and others in the crowd. Arrival goes off the air with Neville celebrating.

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