WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: 6 Man Tag Match, Batista On What He Thinks Of Fans, More

This week's episode of Smackdown opens with Batista making his entrance to tell the fans what he thinks of them. JBL and Michael Cole are on commentary.

The encounter between Randy Orton and Batista on RAW is recapped. Then, Batista picks up the mic. He loves the business and the company, but he did not come back to be liked. He didn't come back to please the fans. He came back to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, so the fans don't have to support him. They do have to deal with it though. It's a fact that he can destroy anyone they put in front of him. He is the best, and that includes Hulk Hogan and the Rock.

He doesn't get what happened to the business. He asks what happened to the real men and the attitude. He says the fans chant the names of 195 pound wannabes and scream yes. The truth is, no. He'll never beat him. Deal with it. He asks the crowd if they think their heroes are as good as him and takes his shirt off. He says everything about him screams WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

He says the people look at their heroes and think they can be champion since their heroes can. He tells them to go back to their jobs at Hot Topic and get out of his world. He will be destroying all their heroes on his way to WrestleMania to become champion.

Batista poses to the crowd, and Dolph Ziggler's music hits. He comes down to the ring and picks up the mic. He says he knows Batista's been away for a long time, but he can't come down and tell the people who to cheer for. He has news for Batista: he's a dinosaur. Sooner or later, dinosaurs become extinct. He says that if Batista is looking for attitude and real men, it's standing right in front of him. He wants a match with Batista tonight.

Batista laughs and slaps his knee. He takes the mic from Ziggler and accepts his challenge. Ziggler dropkicks Batista and slides out of the ring.

Big E and Mark Henry vs. The Real Americans

Big E and Swagger start off. They tie up and shove each other around the ring. The ref breaks them up. Swagger goes for a kick. Big E counters with a Suplex. He rams his shoulder into Swagger's stomach in the corner and Henry tags in. He strikes Swagger. Henry whips Swagger and charges. Swagger puts his boot up. Swagger charges, and Henry slams him to the mat. He tosses Swagger into his corner. Big E tags in, and he and Henry double team Swagger. Big E hits a trio of backbreakers. Swagger knees Big E in the gut and tags in Cesaro.

Cesaro tosses Big E to the apron. He runs Big E's head into the turnbuckle and goes up top. He deadlifts Big E off the apron and superplexes him. Swagger tags himself in and Cesaro asks what Swagger is doing. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb. He tags in Cesaro. The Real Americans double team Big E. Cesaro locks in Big E's head from behind. Big E fights out. He backdrops Cesaro behind him. Swagger and Henry tag in. Henry clotheslines Swagger several times. He hits Swagger with a running powerslam. Henry goes for the World's Strongest Slam, but Cesaro hits a big boot. Cesaro and Langston fight on the outside. Back in the ring, Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock on Henry. Cesaro tags himself in, and Swagger breaks the hold. He stares at Cesaro. Cesaro hits Henry with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

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