Jim Ross appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable podcast yesterday to promote his two shows tonight at Gramercy Theater in New York, NY.

During the interview, JR was asked what was the angriest he had ever been with Vince McMahon. JR joked that Vince was a cross between Jerry Jones and the late George Steinbrenner. He said that Vince was very demanding, know what he wants, and he plays the game his way. He said that getting yelled at in his headset during a match could be challenging, and that one time he flat out refused to say something that Vince had asked. He said that there was a lot of cursing involved with Vince yelling, "*expletive* did you hear what I said? Say the *expletive* word and let it go. Just say it. Say IT!"

JR got "pissed off" and refused, and noted that he was right for once, although Vince was normally right. Vince later asked him if he heard him, and then said that he was glad that JR didn't say it because it wouldn't have worked. JR noted that Vince was a genius - a crazy genius - but a genius nonetheless. He also said that a lot of announcers have left the company because they couldn't handle Vince on the headset.

He was also asked about being inducted into the Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass Club" in Oklahoma City in 2001. JR joked about the incident, and noted that he wasn't responsible for the creative and that he "just ran the plays that the coach called." He said that he did his business, and is a charter member of the club. JR noted that Vince "smelled good" and it wasn't that bad, and that Vince was a clean freak who uses a knife and fork to eat a sandwich. He joked that the angle was about the limit as to what he would do for a paycheck.

"RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross" takes place tonight at Gramercy Theater in New York, NY. There will be a 4:00 pm show and an 8:00 pm show. Fellow Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be joining JR at the later show during the Q&A portion. Tickets for both shows are available, you can purchase them here.

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