WWE Live Event Results From Cedar Rapids (3/1): Bryan In A Cage, AJ Responds To Punk Chants

After the match, the Shield argued among themselves in the ring until the lights go out and the Wyatts come out. Big crowd pop for the moment. As the two stables faced off, the crowd chanted "this is awesome." There was a short brawl with the Shield clearing the Wyatts out of the ring and Reigns nailed Harper with a spear. The Shield celebrated in the ring afterwards.

A good portion of the crowd half-expected to see Hulk Hogan. During the pre-show tweeted images from backstage, one clearly showed Hogan. But, other than a video featuring the Hulkster for the WWE Network, there was no sign of him.

* The main event was Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a steel cage. Bryan was over like crazy and got a huge pop. Kane got some good heat. It was a typical cage match that resulted in the ref taking a running drop kick from Bryan, then Bryan hit the running knee on Kane, but no ref was in there to count it. Bryan checked on the ref, which allowed Kane to get his wits about him and he choke slammed Bryan, but Bryan kicked out. Bryan won after hitting the running knee. He then celebrated on top of the cage. The "Yes!" chants were crazy.

This was a great house show and the roster there was incredibly solid. The three other people I went with who aren't big wrestling fans all loved it and had a blast. One of them is ordering the Network now, since it was being plugged throughout the show.

Daniel Bryan merchandise was the biggest seller there; his foam hand and Cena's foam hand were both for sale, but Bryan's was $5 more, for whatever that's worth. They were still selling CM Punk merchandise, and quite a bit was purchased by the looks of it.

Biggest Pops:
1. Daniel Bryan
2. Sheamus
3. Dolph Ziggler/Big Show (tie)

Most Heat:
1. Sandow
2. Jinder Mahal (during dance-off)
3. Kane
4. Wyatts

Coolest Moment
Faceoff between Wyatts and The Shield

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