This episode of SmackDown was presented from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In hopes to impress Triple H and get a spot on the WrestleMania 30 card, Daniel Bryan was looking for a victory when he was placed in a six-man tag match. Also, two former world champions, Batista and Christian, further solidified their heel turns on the road to WrestleMania.

Real Americans vs. Big E/Mark Henry
In this match, the problem was not the Real Americans getting the victory. The problem is the lack of interest WWE is placing in both Big E and Mark Henry. The IC title had such an opportunity to become relevant again when Big E took it from Curtis Axel. The issue is not Big E like it was Curtis Axel. Big E is over and has the potential to be a top star in the not-too-distant future. However, it seems like WWE has a continued lack of interest in the midcard titles, which is sad. Thankfully, Big E had an opportunity to defend it at Elimination Chamber, but a highlighted match at WrestleMania can be an opportunity to right the wrong regarding booking that title recently. As far as Mark Henry, he has been so terribly booked since his return. Such a shame.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
Good match between the two, and Christian interfering further solidifies his heel turn. It appears as if Sheamus vs. Christian at WrestleMania XXX is pretty much a lock, but this match does not have very much intrigue to it for such a big stage. At least Christian will get a marquee singles match at a WrestleMania, because this very well may be his last. Sheamus vs. Cesaro would have been so much better though.

Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler
Now this is the match that would have been better suited for WrestleMania. It is clear that Batista does not need to be in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, and he was forced by the WWE Universe to turn heel. Dolph Ziggler is still one of the best in-ring performers on the roster, and has a huge fanbase. So why not let Ziggler go over Batista? Much better than Fandango going over Chris Jericho last year. Of course, with all the PR revolving around Batista being a crossover star now, this would not happen. However, the investment should be more in Ziggler than Batista from a long-term perspective, so WM 30 would have been a great opportunity to revive anything that Ziggler once had.

AJ Lee vs. Cameron
I've said these two things before: 1) AJ Lee needs to drop the title. Her run has been quite boring, and 2) Cameron is probably the most improved WWE Diva in the past year. However, Cameron should not get anywhere close to the title yet. I understand that she is a replacement for Naomi for the time being, and that is not a problem. She just is not ready to be Divas champ yet, but she just needs a bit more time.

Daniel Bryan/Usos vs. Kane/New Age Outlaws
This was a good match, and a good way of continuing to push Daniel Bryan into getting a big spot at WrestleMania. Challenging Triple H on Raw was something that I was not excited about, but Triple H saying that he will try to find him a spot may slightly be an indicator that a third person will be inserted in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Usos should have their shining moment at WrestleMania by gaining the tag team titles for the first time, which would be great. They deserve it.

- Alexander Rusev... er... Vladimir Koslov... er... whatever. I followed his work on NXT. Has potential, but enough with the monster gimmicks. It won't last long.
- The Shield vs. Wyatt Family segment was great. Raw should plant some seeds for the US Title triple threat match at WM 30. I'd much rather see that match than a tag match against Harper/Rowan. Roman Reigns needs to continue his push by having a midcard title.
- Christian as a heel means nothing. His face run as Intercontinental Champion was one of his best runs, and he will just be a upper midcard jobber until his career in the WWE is done.

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