- WWE's website has a new poll up asking fans what was the most destructive moment on RAW last night - Brock Lesnar's table F5 to Mark Henry, Seth Rollins' somersault punches to The Wyatt Family, Christian's attack on Sheamus, Cesaro's Neutralizer to Big E or Triple H's Pedigree to Daniel Bryan. With over 6,000 votes cast, Lesnar's F5 has 47% of the vote. The next closest is Triple H with 24%.

- Zack Ryder noted on Twitter that he will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Travel Channel's Toy Hunter.

- There was concern online that one of the monitors Brock Lesnar tossed into the ring during last night's RAW flew out the other side and hit fans in the crowd. There was even a photo going around social media of a woman who was reportedly hit with the monitor with her son, however it did not appear to be legitimate. We've heard from two fans in attendance who noted that it did appear a monitor bounced into the crowd, but it looked like nobody was hurt.

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