Tonight's final show before Lockdown opens with a video build up of how Team Dixie and Team MVP evolved over the last few weeks. It finished with how Austin Aries screwed MVP last week.

The Bro Mans have regained their World Tag Team Titles. They are in the ring with DJ Zema Ion and Bobby Roode. Roode is on the mic, when Aries' music hits. He comes down to the ring letting everyone know he does what's in his own best interest, and then demands that Roode split the 10% that Roode gets if Team Dixie wins with him.

Now MVP's music hits and the former Tag Team Champs, The Wolves, come to the ring with the leader of team MVP. MVP is about to announce the final member of his team when Dixie Carter's music interrupts him, as Dixie heads down the ramp.

Dixie gets in MVP's face and says she doesn't care who the fourth member of Team MVP is. She says that this company means more to her than anything in the world and will stop at nothing to keep complete control of TNA.

MVP then announces that Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma, will be the final member of Team MVP. Dixie says she suspended his contract when he walked out. MVP says Jeff Hardy will be with Team MVP and will be by their side at Lockdown.

A brawl ensues before the commercial break.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves

Back from the break the 6-man elimination match is in progress. Once a team member is pinned or submits they are eliminated and must leave.

First out is Robbie E after MVP knocks him out. Eddie Edwards looks good but after a brain buster he is pinned by Austin Aries and is eliminated.

Aries and Roode team well together and Roode gets the pin over the Team MVP captain, leaving Davey Richards all alone against Team Dixie.

Aries and Roode tag frequently and Daniels is taking quite a beating. Daniels turns things around and gets Roode in a single leg crab. Aries nails Richards with a steel chair and Earl Hebner DQ's Aries leaving Roode vs Richards but after the beating with the chair, can Richards continue?

Returning from break, we learn that during the break, Richards is taken to the back to be evaluated. Earl Hebner gives Team MVP one hour for Richards to make it back to finish the match or be eliminated.

Video of Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme with Shaw being his creepy self.

Back from break, Shaw comes to the ring for his match. Mr. Anderson's music hits and Anderson says that he will be playing Christy Hemme for this match and he does the ring announcer duties.

After some humor at Shaw's expense,including calling Shaw "Creepy Bastard", Anderson announced Eric Young as the opponent in this match.

Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young

EY starts out strong against Shaw. The crowd chants Creepy Bastard. After a near fall by EY, Shaw goes to the floor and throws hot tea in EY's face then grabs Anderson and puts him in a standing choke. Shaw puts Anderson all the way out and Shaw grabs a mic and says that he's going back to claim what is rightfully his - meaning Hemme.

Shaw vs. EY ends in a DQ

Backstage MVP and the Wolves are discussing whether or not Daniels can continue.

Back from the break MVP is looking for Aries. When he finds him in the back, he tells Aries that he has no character and storms out of the room.

Video of Ethan Carter III and his feud with Kurt Angle. After the video Dixie is talking with EC3 and he asks what he can do. Her response is to just beat Angle on Sunday. She then starts to rant about MVP and keeps alluding to what she has up her sleeve.

We cut to Samuel Shaw in the back looking for Christy Hemme. He creepily says Christy where are you?

After the break, Shaw is looking for Christy in the girls locker room and finds out that she is in the makeup room.

EC3, the self proclaimed new face of American wrestling, comes to the ring and accuses Kurt Angle of sucker punching him last week. He is a Carter and you don't sucker punch a Carter.

He then talks about their Steel Cage Match at Lockdown, and says that Angle needs the cage as a weapon because he fears EC3's submission wrestling. He has a LEG LOCK and threatens with all the injuries that he can cause with the leg lock.

He talks about beating Sting and becoming the new icon of wrestling. Now he is going defeat Angle and become the new face of American wrestling. After Sunday he will be officially dubbed The American Icon.

Angle's heard enough and the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame's music hits.
Angle says that EC3 is not an American Icon, he's and American Asshole! Angle doesn't want to wait until Sunday in Miami and chases EC3 out of the ring.

EC3 was waiting on the ramp and ambushed Angle and went to work on Angle's knee. EC3 gets Angle back in the ring and continues working on the knee until he hooked in the Leg Lock and won't release. Referees get them separated and EC3 screams I heard it pop. Taz says he will be surprised if we see Angle at Lockdown.

Team MVP in the back. Davey Richards says my arm is hurt but I'm breathing.

Coming up after the break is the Knockouts tag team match.

We return with a video of The King of the Nights, Kenny King.

Knockout 6-Person Tag Team Match.
Alpha Female, Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB

Chris Sabin is out with The Alpha Female.

Gail Kim starts out against Madison Rayne and those two will face each other this Sunday at Lockdown.

Lei'D Tapa hits an impressive side back breaker from her shoulder to show her true strength.

Velvet Sky and The Alpha Female are both tagged in. Sabin comes in the ring and berates Sky. She slaps him across the face and pulls down the rope to send Sabin to the floor. Alpha Female attacks Velvet but she quickly turns things on the Alpha Female to get the pin.

Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB get the win.

The Creepy Bastard is in the back looking for the make up room.

Jeff Hardy video of Willow plays as we return."WILLOW IS COMING".

Shaw is in the back and finds the make up room. Mr. Anderson, who Shaw is now scheduled to face at Lockdown, is dressed in a red wig and beats Shaw down and says you Creepy Bastard. He gets in Shaw's face and tells him to leave Christy alone.

Video of the Storm vs Gunner feud. Gunner comes to the ring and and says that he has worked for everything he's got. He then calls Storm a coward and says he can't run from the Steel Cage. We then hear "Sorry About Your Damn Luck" and here comes Storm.

Storm says Gunner is making excuses, like how he lost his chance to win the World Heavyweight Title because of that James Storm. Storm says he will give Gunner an all day ass-whipping.

Gunner says he has something to prove and that he was the toughest man on their team. Gunner suggests that they make it a Last Man Standing match as well.

Storm then cheap shots Gunner and then gives him a vicious Last Call Super Kick in the face, leaving him laying in the ring.

Roode in the back trying to find out what's going on with the remainder of the opening match.

Back in the ring, Roode has a mic and said it's been an hour and it's obvious that Richards is too hurt to continue. The bell is rung, and a 10 count starts. At the 8 count Team MVP comes down the ramp and Richards gets in the ring.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves Restarts

Roode starts by repeatedly kicking Richards in his injured shoulder. Everything is on the line as the winning team gets a one man advantage in their Lockdown match.

It's all Roode on the offensive - stomp after stomp assaulting Richards. The left shoulder of Richards is just hanging, but he finally mounts a one armed comeback.

Tenay mentions the passing of Billy Robinson, possibly the greatest British wrestler ever.

Richards takes a suicide dive to Roode on the floor and nails him. Richards hits a missile drop kick from the top rope and gets a near fall. Richards gets Roode in a single leg crab, but can't hold it due to his bad shoulder.

Roode throws Richards shoulder first into the ring post, then hits the Roode Bomb but instead of pinning him he puts the cross face on Daniels to get the young wrestler to tap out.

The team of Aries Roode and Robbie E get the win.

Team Dixie gets the man advantage at Lockdown.

Video of Tigre Uno coming......

Magnus in the back talking with Dixie. Magnus wants to know the bigger picture and what the strategy is for him for Sunday. Dixie says why don't you go out there and back up your mouth and beat Joe on Sunday. Magnus isn't happy that he apparently has to go at it alone on Sunday.

For the final segment, Samoa Joe is in the ring first. He calls out Magnus to come face him in front of Magnus' countrymen and hear what he has to say. Magnus makes his way to the ring.

Magnus starts the talking telling Joe he should know better than to question Magnus about his courage. Magnus starts running down their tag team history together, mentions the Main Event Mafia and that then Magnus became the main event. Magnus goes as far as to throw up that Joe has blown several chances to be on top but blew it because of his rage.

Samoa Joe says that everything Magnus says is absolutely true. Joe has a rage issue and sometimes gets a little crazy. However at Lockdown it's Joe's Rules - you either get knocked out or you tap out.

Joe says you won't walk out the TNA Heavyweight Champion and that Magnus won't walk out at all. Magnus cheap shots Magnus but Joe turns it around and gives the champ the choke hold and Magnus taps out.

To sum things up, there was lots of build up for Sunday's Lockdown in Maimi, and in the official matches of the night:

Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young finished in a DQ

Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB got the win over The Alpha Female, Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim

And finally after a "one hour delay" the team of Aries, Roode, and Robbie E get the win over Team MVP and get the one man advantage at Lock

Ed Boston back with you again this week for IMPACT. I am the co-founder of DTRT Wrestling News and I was honored to join you again for tonight's broadcast.

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