TNA Impact Results: Lockdown Go-Home Show, Final Member Of Team MVP Revealed

TNA Impact Results: Lockdown Go-Home Show, Final Member Of Team MVP Revealed

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Tonight's final show before Lockdown opens with a video build up of how Team Dixie and Team MVP evolved over the last few weeks. It finished with how Austin Aries screwed MVP last week.

The Bro Mans have regained their World Tag Team Titles. They are in the ring with DJ Zema Ion and Bobby Roode. Roode is on the mic, when Aries' music hits. He comes down to the ring letting everyone know he does what's in his own best interest, and then demands that Roode split the 10% that Roode gets if Team Dixie wins with him.

Now MVP's music hits and the former Tag Team Champs, The Wolves, come to the ring with the leader of team MVP. MVP is about to announce the final member of his team when Dixie Carter's music interrupts him, as Dixie heads down the ramp.

Dixie gets in MVP's face and says she doesn't care who the fourth member of Team MVP is. She says that this company means more to her than anything in the world and will stop at nothing to keep complete control of TNA.

MVP then announces that Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma, will be the final member of Team MVP. Dixie says she suspended his contract when he walked out. MVP says Jeff Hardy will be with Team MVP and will be by their side at Lockdown.

A brawl ensues before the commercial break.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves

Back from the break the 6-man elimination match is in progress. Once a team member is pinned or submits they are eliminated and must leave.

First out is Robbie E after MVP knocks him out. Eddie Edwards looks good but after a brain buster he is pinned by Austin Aries and is eliminated.

Aries and Roode team well together and Roode gets the pin over the Team MVP captain, leaving Davey Richards all alone against Team Dixie.

Aries and Roode tag frequently and Daniels is taking quite a beating. Daniels turns things around and gets Roode in a single leg crab. Aries nails Richards with a steel chair and Earl Hebner DQ's Aries leaving Roode vs Richards but after the beating with the chair, can Richards continue?

Returning from break, we learn that during the break, Richards is taken to the back to be evaluated. Earl Hebner gives Team MVP one hour for Richards to make it back to finish the match or be eliminated.

Video of Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme with Shaw being his creepy self.

Back from break, Shaw comes to the ring for his match. Mr. Anderson's music hits and Anderson says that he will be playing Christy Hemme for this match and he does the ring announcer duties.

After some humor at Shaw's expense,including calling Shaw "Creepy Bastard", Anderson announced Eric Young as the opponent in this match.

Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young

EY starts out strong against Shaw. The crowd chants Creepy Bastard. After a near fall by EY, Shaw goes to the floor and throws hot tea in EY's face then grabs Anderson and puts him in a standing choke. Shaw puts Anderson all the way out and Shaw grabs a mic and says that he's going back to claim what is rightfully his - meaning Hemme.

Shaw vs. EY ends in a DQ

Backstage MVP and the Wolves are discussing whether or not Daniels can continue.

Back from the break MVP is looking for Aries. When he finds him in the back, he tells Aries that he has no character and storms out of the room.

Video of Ethan Carter III and his feud with Kurt Angle. After the video Dixie is talking with EC3 and he asks what he can do. Her response is to just beat Angle on Sunday. She then starts to rant about MVP and keeps alluding to what she has up her sleeve.

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