TNA Impact Results: Lockdown Go-Home Show, Final Member Of Team MVP Revealed

We cut to Samuel Shaw in the back looking for Christy Hemme. He creepily says Christy where are you?

After the break, Shaw is looking for Christy in the girls locker room and finds out that she is in the makeup room.

EC3, the self proclaimed new face of American wrestling, comes to the ring and accuses Kurt Angle of sucker punching him last week. He is a Carter and you don't sucker punch a Carter.

He then talks about their Steel Cage Match at Lockdown, and says that Angle needs the cage as a weapon because he fears EC3's submission wrestling. He has a LEG LOCK and threatens with all the injuries that he can cause with the leg lock.

He talks about beating Sting and becoming the new icon of wrestling. Now he is going defeat Angle and become the new face of American wrestling. After Sunday he will be officially dubbed The American Icon.

Angle's heard enough and the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame's music hits.
Angle says that EC3 is not an American Icon, he's and American Asshole! Angle doesn't want to wait until Sunday in Miami and chases EC3 out of the ring.

EC3 was waiting on the ramp and ambushed Angle and went to work on Angle's knee. EC3 gets Angle back in the ring and continues working on the knee until he hooked in the Leg Lock and won't release. Referees get them separated and EC3 screams I heard it pop. Taz says he will be surprised if we see Angle at Lockdown.

Team MVP in the back. Davey Richards says my arm is hurt but I'm breathing.

Coming up after the break is the Knockouts tag team match.

We return with a video of The King of the Nights, Kenny King.

Knockout 6-Person Tag Team Match.
Alpha Female, Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB

Chris Sabin is out with The Alpha Female.

Gail Kim starts out against Madison Rayne and those two will face each other this Sunday at Lockdown.

Lei'D Tapa hits an impressive side back breaker from her shoulder to show her true strength.

Velvet Sky and The Alpha Female are both tagged in. Sabin comes in the ring and berates Sky. She slaps him across the face and pulls down the rope to send Sabin to the floor. Alpha Female attacks Velvet but she quickly turns things on the Alpha Female to get the pin.

Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB get the win.

The Creepy Bastard is in the back looking for the make up room.

Jeff Hardy video of Willow plays as we return."WILLOW IS COMING".

Shaw is in the back and finds the make up room. Mr. Anderson, who Shaw is now scheduled to face at Lockdown, is dressed in a red wig and beats Shaw down and says you Creepy Bastard. He gets in Shaw's face and tells him to leave Christy alone.

Video of the Storm vs Gunner feud. Gunner comes to the ring and and says that he has worked for everything he's got. He then calls Storm a coward and says he can't run from the Steel Cage. We then hear "Sorry About Your Damn Luck" and here comes Storm.

Storm says Gunner is making excuses, like how he lost his chance to win the World Heavyweight Title because of that James Storm. Storm says he will give Gunner an all day ass-whipping.

Gunner says he has something to prove and that he was the toughest man on their team. Gunner suggests that they make it a Last Man Standing match as well.

Storm then cheap shots Gunner and then gives him a vicious Last Call Super Kick in the face, leaving him laying in the ring.

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