TNA Impact Results: Lockdown Go-Home Show, Final Member Of Team MVP Revealed

Roode in the back trying to find out what's going on with the remainder of the opening match.

Back in the ring, Roode has a mic and said it's been an hour and it's obvious that Richards is too hurt to continue. The bell is rung, and a 10 count starts. At the 8 count Team MVP comes down the ramp and Richards gets in the ring.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves Restarts

Roode starts by repeatedly kicking Richards in his injured shoulder. Everything is on the line as the winning team gets a one man advantage in their Lockdown match.

It's all Roode on the offensive - stomp after stomp assaulting Richards. The left shoulder of Richards is just hanging, but he finally mounts a one armed comeback.

Tenay mentions the passing of Billy Robinson, possibly the greatest British wrestler ever.

Richards takes a suicide dive to Roode on the floor and nails him. Richards hits a missile drop kick from the top rope and gets a near fall. Richards gets Roode in a single leg crab, but can't hold it due to his bad shoulder.

Roode throws Richards shoulder first into the ring post, then hits the Roode Bomb but instead of pinning him he puts the cross face on Daniels to get the young wrestler to tap out.

The team of Aries Roode and Robbie E get the win.

Team Dixie gets the man advantage at Lockdown.

Video of Tigre Uno coming......

Magnus in the back talking with Dixie. Magnus wants to know the bigger picture and what the strategy is for him for Sunday. Dixie says why don't you go out there and back up your mouth and beat Joe on Sunday. Magnus isn't happy that he apparently has to go at it alone on Sunday.

For the final segment, Samoa Joe is in the ring first. He calls out Magnus to come face him in front of Magnus' countrymen and hear what he has to say. Magnus makes his way to the ring.

Magnus starts the talking telling Joe he should know better than to question Magnus about his courage. Magnus starts running down their tag team history together, mentions the Main Event Mafia and that then Magnus became the main event. Magnus goes as far as to throw up that Joe has blown several chances to be on top but blew it because of his rage.

Samoa Joe says that everything Magnus says is absolutely true. Joe has a rage issue and sometimes gets a little crazy. However at Lockdown it's Joe's Rules - you either get knocked out or you tap out.

Joe says you won't walk out the TNA Heavyweight Champion and that Magnus won't walk out at all. Magnus cheap shots Magnus but Joe turns it around and gives the champ the choke hold and Magnus taps out.

To sum things up, there was lots of build up for Sunday's Lockdown in Maimi, and in the official matches of the night:

Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young finished in a DQ

Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB got the win over The Alpha Female, Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim

And finally after a "one hour delay" the team of Aries, Roode, and Robbie E get the win over Team MVP and get the one man advantage at Lock

Ed Boston back with you again this week for IMPACT. I am the co-founder of DTRT Wrestling News and I was honored to join you again for tonight's broadcast.

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